All rich ladies from Kabete naskia ni widows and there is a saying in Greek maitho ma atumia a kabete nicone na mbaka operation maliza bwana watoto wakimaliza shule

Thats a fallacy. men including you will die before your wife everywhere in the world

I can bet on that. Any Toyota Harrier driven by a lady, she’s probably from Kabete. That’s their signature type of car.

Na watoto wanaume wanapewa pombe na drugs full time !



Ngai! Watu wa Harrier wajambiwa poa. Na boy akiwa na Harrier ni Ben 10 wa kiveti kya Kabete?

@Purr_27 kuja kidogo

Opinion are like assholes every one has one.

Na wewe ni wa Kafete?

Maybe…it is a coincidence, the men from kabete die after acquiring substantial wealth…I just said maybe. Feminists rusheni mawe sasa.

Mimi ni wa Gikuni

and 75% of such drivers are widows by choice. moto

the county with largest widows by choice per square mile

Am just being comical…these creatures have no respect for male human life. So sad indeed.