Nani atanisaidia na manual

[ATTACH=full]6915[/ATTACH] Yenyewe Gado was gifted … hawa cartoonists wa siku hizi are too complex for me decipher their coded cartoons…

nani ana PUK code ya hii?

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Huyu jamaa huchora siku hizi ako down sana…dodi alfa si atume application.

Na speaking of Gaddo alienda wapi

Hata hii munataka dakitari asaidie?

Vipi Davidee
Once upon a time (while in campus) I was a budding cartoonist. I took a bookful of “cartoons” to Nation centre, the editor I met that day told me that I lacked creativity and originality…na nika amini kabisa…for a very long time I NEVER drew a thing, until zile days za Klost.

Davidee, imagine every single day I draw “an editorial cartoon” for Ktalk.But again I feel it/ they may not be creative or original enough.

Dodi Alfa N.

give it another shot

Those cartoons should not need an explanation for you to gitch.

If the average reader is struggling to get you and get u mara that that, then you are failing as a cartoonist.

If they are also failing to tickle your fancy as a form of satire, then the cartoonist is also failing.


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post siku moja…am sure someone may like them

Inamaanisha mawingu imetanda. Punda amechoka. Tsunami inakuja FIFA

I recall reading somewhere long ago that we (humans, that is) perfect a skill/talent after practising it seriously for about 10,000Hrs which for most of us works to about 8yrs or thereabouts. @Justus Nyanchaga, kazi kwako.

Noted doc.

Noted lady.

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