Nani ashai enda..

Wondering how the experience is at blankets n wines, koroga etc. Sometimes it calls for animals to shed a coat and get a new one. Hii story ya watu hawana kakitu inachosha.

Typing from ridgeways


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Neke mani!


Go for the music and not the social aspect esp if you hate douchie-ness and posturing.


What’s your experience asshat

Sijawahi enda uko just liked the way you framed it and as kiyanamRefu has put it posturing is the main reason watu wengine hu avoid

Be ok in your skin, this is not breaktime lower high school where it’s a dick measuring contest. How old are you?

Welcome to the neighborhood! :smiley:

I have gone for koroga twice. Its a deadly plan to peleka mama for…the women also come looking fantastic. Lakini wewe ni mtu wa Summit na Safari. Hizo hazipatikani huko. Only Carlsberg. Even a tusker huwezi pata.

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Nothing to do with age and am more than confident in my skin, but preferences


Shenzi wewe. At the end of the day, it is a social event, is it not? There’s bound to be an aspect of dick measuring. It’s up to you to participate in it or not.

Oh, and I did enjoy the one blankets that I went to(Mi Casa at Carnie). I met new interesting people, but you’re just as likely to meet assholes. Plus I may have been high.

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Watu wengi hapa ni hawkers na watu wamashambani. You are coherent and consistent. Check your OP on the hip-hop orchestra.

Kucatch ya Nini.asshat? You not answering what I asked.



Nimeedit reply nikaongeza jibu. There should indeed be a sarcasm font.

I missed that one. i would have liked to see Micasa. The two time i have gone for koroga were the very first one when Freshly Ground were playing and the last one when Yvonne Chaka Chaka performed.

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Asshat and asshole are two different things choose your side or both.

The Mi Casa one was made better by Sarabi and co. I missed the Freshly Ground one sadly. Koroga ya leo ni nani anaperform?

Hehehe. Web Dev has emotional issues. Sometimes we accomodate his tantrums.

nyinyi mashemales si mupeleke hio muchene yenu salon?


Tusipeleke kwa mashamba ya porini?