Nani anajua hii?

Hii ndiyo gani tena?[ATTACH=full]2597[/ATTACH]

Mafuta ya kukamua…the purest kind…no additives.

so they discovered farmers are suffering because wankers have been sweeping Arimi’s of the shelves?


hayo mafuta ya kukama ngombe takes me way back…nilikua nauzia wa maasai huko narok


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hii ni ya kawasaki memebers

Out of curiosity, do cows get irritated when someone touches their boobs?
And why doesn’t our laws consider it an indecent act with an animal?
And would we also allow bulls to touch our boobs?

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half-wit monkey…


Overthinking sh.t again …

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What’s this arimis am hearing about lately, sketch ama picha ni sawa

am not with you on this.

Off not of


sawa mzeiya. a great evening!