nani ako na hii shida?


Tangu asubuhi I kent access

who still uses Yahoo in this day and era?

Ni wewe tu wariahe :D:D:D

Yahoo ni ya ma fossil. Wasee walifunguliwa email na 500bob… Don’t blame the guy.

i like their news though,nimeweka notification yao:D:D:D

Kama hautambui Yahoo wachana naye Sasa Hotmail utasema Nini


Unfortunately in technology you’ve to keep up with how fast things change. However i still use a nokiamail account to date.

They had a problem in the morning tried severally and couldn’t actually manage to use

akili poongoofoo

Official email yangu bado unakuwanga Yahoo.

Kuna ingine ya Nokia ilikua inaitwa ovimail which was discontinued.

DNS poisoning! You need to restart your PC

I had a My Opera account till they closed service. Had to migrate to gmail during the the 3 month shutdown notice.