Whats going on there? Several people feared dead,[ATTACH=full]8257[/ATTACH]

Accidents za leo ni mob sana.

M2 uko wapi?

uliza @vuja de ama angalia @ma3route

hii ndio 411 nimepata ma3route:

And in other news: stolen from ma3news:
Accident near Deliverance Church, Langata road kills passengers and pedestrians via @abutoeliud

So i am guessing the matatus in that sacco will all be suspended. They will be striking on wednesday…

Last week two rongai mats were involved in a head on collision n none of the saccos were suspended

Seriously…!!! hawa NTSA wameanza kuwa compromised already…

thundering typhoons!!!

omg… thank God am still alive

Thanks @ol monk and all admins for removing those horrible pics The Truth had put here, huyu jamaa nilimulikaa yeye wakati alinifuata, weka yeye equator hadi 2050

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Hii generation yetu sijui shida yao ni nini na kupiga pics even in unnecessary situations halafu posting them online

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