Name me one billionaire and I'll show you the face of corruption and shady deals

Is there any billionaire in Kenya who made his billions through honest means?(inheritance excluded. Though if you inherit wealth earned through dishonest means what can we say about your wealth - honest or dishonest?). Name one billionaire and I’ll show you what corruption and shady deals look like. What of the few that actually made their billions through honest means (I think SKM fits here) and acceptable dishonest means (DJ CK)? What does it take for them to remain filthy rich? Even the current American president lied to get to where he is now, moneywise.

In Kenya corruption is a way of life and shady deals are acceptable well, as long as you are rich. They say that in Kenya you are guilty until proven rich. The rich get away with things 20 times worse than what puts peasant behind bars for 20 years.

That said, I really hope that during my lifetime I’ll get my chance to pull one shady deal that will set my fam for life! I would be very happy if I can get one of those NYS tenders or some county garbage collection deal. When that happens you can be sure that I’ll come back here to gloat and fuck all Ktalk chics of 24 and below (don’t judge me, I like pussy).

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Manu Chandaria

In america billionaires are usualky associated with a product or an invention. Everyone knows what bill gates is rich for. Same with mark zuckerberg and steve jobs. With all these kenyan billionaires…what do they produce? Where is the kenyan Facebook or ford motors?

It really makes you think.


SKM hizi radio frequencies yeye hucheza chafu.
Manu Chandaria was very close to Moi, sijui if you can be that close to a corrupt guy and you are clean.
Honest men don’t become billionaires, uliza Zuckerberg

Ayisi Makatian
Pius Ngugi
Julian Kyula

Leo kwa news nimeona Kiunjuri akisema one “farmer” supplied NCPB with 212,000 bags of maize wakati hawakuwa wanakubali mahindi ya wakulima wadogo huko Rift Valley.

Keep looking. It’s not easy to find. Not in Kenya!


Paul Kinuthia, the guy behind Nice & Lovel


World’s largest multinational cosmetics company L’Oreal has acquired Kenya’s Interconsumer Products Ltd, makers of Nice & Lovely brands, in a multi-billion dollar transaction last Friday.
London-listed L’Oreal bought the Kenyan firm with an eye on East Africa’s low-end cosmetic market. It has over the last decade target alternative beauty markets by acquiring local brands in new markets to gain distribution networks and brands.
In 2000, the French multinational purchased SoftSheen Carson, which developed products targeted at Africans. The company posted a Sh324.8 billion ($3.84 billion) profit boosted by earnings from emerging markets in 2012.
L’Oreal which first opened shop in Nairobi in late 2011 has for the past 18 months been in talks with the owner of Interconsumer Products, Paul Kinuthia, for a buyout deal.
[SIZE=5]“We closed the deal on Friday at 11am and all I can say for now is that the transaction is worth billions of shillings,” Kenya’s Business Daily quoted one of the transaction advisers who declined to be named since L’ Oreal had not cleared with regulators in France and London.[/SIZE]
“All the details will be made public on Monday (today) and it’s a great Kenyan story for a man who started the business in Kariobangi and has now joined the billionaires’ club.”

the farmer must be an Influential Rift Valley Politician, or in connected to one. i have a strong feeling ni ule jamaa wa kuku.

All these Kenyan billionaires produce are politics,tribalism, nepotism, famine, man-made disasters and corruption

I know one

All of you have missed two points in this post.
[li]That say, a person made his billions in a clean way, does he preserve/grow his billionaire status while still maintaining his ‘cleanliness’ or does he have to jump into the muddy pool?[/li][li]If I get an opportunity to loot/steal/make a deal I would embrace it with open arms, wouldn’t you?[/li][/ol]

the owners of cellulant who were bought out at $47 M.

Bharat Thakrar CEO & owner of Scangroup Advertising & Marketing

Not real, fictitious on paper “air bags”