Hii hatutaki kuona

What happened to their deal with Tuskys

…There is hope next week on Nakumatt.

They have gotten a strategic investor.

The issues affecting Nakumatt and Uchumi especially hapa Westlands have made Naivas to change to 24 hour shopping and they even have additional paypoints to accommodate the increase in customer numbers.The only downside with Naivas Westland is location i.e not enough parking and chaotic cabs hapo inje which cause traffic .

Hapo sioni hope. If they’re really in a 30 billion shilling hole, how much will the strategic investor be expected to pump in? Even if that investor pumps in 20 billion to ease the pressure, I don’t think it’s going to be enough. Nakumatt is dead, they’re just delaying the inevitable.
I mean, if you had, say 10 billion shillings to invest, it would make more sense for one to use that money to move into all these strategic locations that Nakumatt is being forced to vacate, set up a new supermarket, with around 3 branches to begin with, and fully stock all of them. Investing in Nakumatt as it is now, doesn’t make a lot of sense.

It takes gross mismanagement to run down a business that has a huge customer base. excellently placed branches and a trusted brand, the elephant is sadly on its way out.

Agreed! I find it so crowded but they are well stocked unlike foodplus ABC!

True. Hapa ni kunegotiate na landlords wao na logistics.

There are 7 outlets that Nakumatt owners won’t let go.

I once thought nakumatt was too big to fail

Seriously though what was the justification of having Nakumatt Ukay and 5ft away Nakumatt Westgate pia ipo

Same for (I think) Ngong Road & Nakumatt Prestige.

Someone kindly explain these economies to me.

Soma hii kitabu.

Economies of Greed - Shah Nyakumatt (Distinguished Author)

Junction is 1, wenye wanaumia ni landlords.

Yes. Junction is one of them.

Mega and Nyali…

Inakaa pia wewe you have that info.

used to think the same, they used to be well stocked, employees looked well paid,enough space etc ,the real truth will come out when the owner dies

brand says alot

And horrible lines at 7 pm!!!