Nakumatt Kisii

Is no more. Wamefunga. Monday walifunga kisumu branch. Honestly, I don’t see them surviving.


nakumatt died kitambo, they have been postponing the inevitable.They were too ambitious and greedy at the same time.I passed by mega last month you can see the desperation in the employees eyes,you feel sorry for them.hata hii deal na tuskys,will drag it or the tuskys brothers will fight it out again

The amount of debt will not allow the chain to survive in it’s present form.

wahindi ni wezi wameibia suppliers now my customers cant service their loans na sitaki kushika gari za faithful customers .

The Nakumatt Laundromat business went down with the war on mihadarati. The Boss exited. Cash flow became a problem.

No the boss changed the game.

Too big to fail syndrome. Usitukane mkunga na uzazi ungalipo.

Others will fill its place. Once upon a time, kodak was a very comon brand.

Following closely

Soon safaricom waizi

Hiyo utangoja.

Ni ngumu, Kenyan economy is heavily dependent on safcom.

Nanyuki Branch imefail?

Never say never, remember Nokia?..The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Nokia fell because they didn’t embrace change. if they had adapted Android OS mapema they would still be going strong

Nokia wamerudi tena. Have you sampled Nokia 5? Iko na @snapdragon chipset.

In fact, Nokia came up with the first touch screen phone.
However when it went through testing, the management agreed that “no one likes fingerprints on their screens” so they shelved the idea.
Then this guy called Stevens Jobs came along…