Nakumatt has not reformed yet!!

Someone need to discipline this supermarket. Yesterday i paid ks 2999 for an item marked ks 2695. i wonder how many other items they price this way especially the small household items. they are taking advantage of the shoppers ignorance and assume that no one will vouch their receipts. Any one had such an experience lately?t[ATTACH=full]11106[/ATTACH]

Theyre just a pack of wolves. Remember the tax evation saga?

-You go to buy this one item

  • You very well see the price tag as 2,695
  • At the counter they ask you to pay 2995
  • You give them 3,000; They give you change ya 5 bob
    -You take the 5 bob put it in your pocket without complaining.
    -You head out.
    -You then go out to social media to complain.
    (did I miss a part here?o_O) smh

Tumia Alai na COFEK hizi details sahii kwa twitter. Waambie branch pia

Brayoo, if you read my post clearly, i am pointing out at the advantage the supermarket is taking. for your information , i reliazed a few minutes later and complained. They rectified the error but insisted that i get a credit note and shop for the difference, which i flatly refused. any way whatever your argument is, are you implying that i put the sticker on the item or something?

Most people discover after they have left the supermarket but I also wonder how you he did not discover such a huge difference in price

An not saying nothing. Although I can see there is a sticker on top of another sticker:D

The display had several locks priced differently, initially i thought i took the expensive one which promoted me to re confirm once outside the supermarket.

THAT IS common

By the way Hio Mbwa iko kwa Avatar yako inakaa kubambika na hii risto:D




awatume wakavune? could you be alai?

How did they rectify the error? I thought the bar code reader ndio hutumika kusoma prices. Cashier huwa hatumii ile price imeandikwa hapo.

i bought french beans written ksh.60 kilo only to get ksh 120 kwa counter on sato…raised hell in that place.

Kwani you only own nakumatt dollars/shillings?
I meant vouchers/stamps

My exact thoughts, dude had heard about the earlier complaints but decided, ‘what the ferk, they can’t do that to me’ and went ahead to shop there.
Now that he’s seen he’s no different from the others, why does he bring this sob story to us?

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He is like those whining bitches who get beaten and raped by their sorry spouses but goes back after running for a few hours.
This is the kind of retardness they award Oscars.
Au nakumatt no biashara yao.
You never know


There’s a lady who had a full shopping cart, like half of the items had discrepancies in prices …she caused so much commotion the manager
had to come and calm her down

I will avoid that supermarket at all costs.