Nakumatt Eviction...

At the Junction Mall, Ngong Road.

Nani ako na hizi fununu?

Kukimbiza viasara sio museso.

Damn, that’s one of their most profitable branches. Kweli without stock, it doesn’t matter your location and size.

Sio fununu. Nakumatt Junction is Arap.


Kwisha maneno…

RIP nakumatt. Hope KTalk business community you are taking note.

Ama iko kitu hatuambiwi

Labda the proposed merger with Tuskys will help them back to biz.

Niko slow kiasi leo…ni nakumatt pekee iko affected ama ni mall yote with other biz…

Hawa watu walifile kesi Hazina Towers ikastall. Hazina Towers iendelee

Na hio branch yao ya lifestyle ina stock? I feel sorry for the workers, those thieving directors should be in jail.

Waah!!! This is bad. Mimi ile ya T. R. M nilifeel.

Branches mob zao ziko down. Hadi bottled water huwa hawana

Never cared much about Nakumatt. Never been their loyal customer.

Very sad.Hiyo branch iko karibu na home na kama wamefunga iyo basi its lights out good night forever. That branch was so strategic, the customer traffic was so immense…wahindi meffi wamefilisisha such a good thing

I’m loyal to Tusky’s only kwanza the Juja mall branch, very nice. For a moment I thought I was in an American mall. Bye Nakumatt!

Even the workers are resigning in their hundreds so as to at least secure their pensions before the imminent collapse.

I doubt. maintaining those strategic locations requires lots of money. They have to scale down and start afresh or close down for good. I foresee them closing down completely.


If theres a supermarket chain coming up nicely is Chandarana.
I hope they grow and expand nicely

The editors who was to expose the thieving directors were gunned down before they were exposed. Workers themselves have also contributed to bring it down