Nakumatt Auditor murder case so far

[SIZE=5]Police officer, two suspects charged with murder of Nakumatt Senior Auditor[/SIZE]
Philip Manyura, Dennis Maroko and police officer Ezekiel Onsongo at Makadara law court charged with killing of a Nakumatt Senior Auditor at Makadara Court.Photo/CAROLYNE KUBWA

June 25, 2015


A police officer was today charged with the killing of a Nakumatt Supermarket senior auditor.

Ezekiel Onsongo, based at Runda police station, was charged alongside Philip Manyura, Nakumattā€™s account manager, and Dennis Maroko a motorcycle (bodaboda) rider for killing James Karanja on May 7 along Mombasa road at 6 pm.

In the affidavit sworn in court, police said Karanja was shot twice in the head by Onsongo who was on a motorcycle, as he left his office while driving home. Police said the suspects did not steal anything from him. Karanja died on the spot.

Police said Karanja was killed because he sealed loopholes in the supermarketā€™s distribution network where employees had stolen money.

Investigators suspect Karanja was killed after discovering a major scandal involving some senior managers, including Manyura.

Prosecution counsel Simon Muriuki asked the court to remand the three suspects for 12 days pending investigations, the three were arrested on Tuesday.

Muriuki told the court investigating officer need more time to conduct an identification parade and forward the firearms involved in the shooting to be examined.

He also said the officer need time to take the accusedā€™s mobile phones to the cyber crime unit for analysis. The suspects will also be taken for a mental check up.

Makadara resident magistrate Alice Macharia who ordered the suspects to be remanded at Industrial area police station pending the investigations.

The case will be mentioned on July 9, 2015.

who accused the mobile phones?

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Boss kuna kitu inaitwa forensic investigations which can only be undertaken by cyber crime dpt.

the accusedā€™s, perhaps?

hapa ndio ukabila imetufikisha. A kisii manager hires a kisii hitman who in turn hires a kisii boda operator. utakuta ni watu wa village moja


Can anyone recover evidence from a dead phone?



by the way @kingolonde ume-quote hii story kutoka wapi?

Kindly explain and also see a thread I have put up on the same.

we should never accept mediocrity. just like we shouldnā€™t eat poorly cooked food in hotels we should not accept poorly written reports in media. Mistakes kama hizi zikipita subeditor, news editor na revise editor walikuwa wapi, then they sell you the full-of-typos paper for sixty pop. And no wonder the leading papers nowadays have a daily feature on page two called corrections and clarificationsā€¦


Next time they should leave such jobs to Muchatha professionals.

In the bigger picture, the first accused should be Nakumatt for exercising weak internal controls.

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kuna kabila moja if one of them goes with you for a drink and then he is joined by two of his tribesmen they switch to their language and forget you are thereā€¦

Hope they are not the ones who thank each other ā€˜ero kama inoā€™, something as simple as milking a cow is such a huge task.

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hapana, si hao. but i like the way you are thinkingā€¦

waluhya mdio huni bamba, mumekaa kwa meza drinks, akitoka aende choo, akirudi lazima awajulie hali, nyinyi wote as long as mko kwa meza moja.


hasa abaBukusu - ā€œMwikhale basakuluā€(sp unsure but something like that. @pamba pls confirmā€¦