Nakumatt And Their Thieving Ways

Stolen from Marcus Olang

This has happened a number of times in the past, and now I don’t buy that Nakumatt stores do this “accidentally”. I highly suspect deliberate deception at play here.
Here’s the play:

  1. You get an item from the shelf, add its price to your cost calculator.

  2. You get to the till, your total cost is higher than you have on your calculator.

  3. You scrutinise the receipt, and ask the person at the till about it.

  4. They make a comment implying that you are petty to ask about such ‘small money’ (pesa ndogo), or someone runs back to the shelf and comes back claiming that the till price is the correct price.

I’m now questioning the integrity of Nakumatt’s operations. The fact that this has happened more than once bothers me. I wonder whether they take advantage of the fact that many people don’t check their receipts, and thus get away with such deception. Is it that this unethical (and possibly illegal) practice is quietly encouraged by silence internally?
I got fed up yesterday and went back to the shelf to document this.

I’m calling you out, Nakumatt, for the fact that this isn’t the first time this has happened to me - it has happened one time too many.

This reminds me of an incident in a supermarket chain in Riyadh called Panda, they had a policy where if the shelf price and till price differed, one got to take home his shopping for free, this dude from Bangladesh noticed that the price of 5L salad oil was Sr.5 lower at the shelf than at the till, he went around and bought the most expensive items LED Tv,Fridge,Home theater etc… Kufika till he showed the customer care guys his receipt indicating the price difference of the salad oil… Dude took home shopping worth 18K riyals (Kshs.360K) home for free… Needless to say that was the last day that Pandas’ policy.



Happens in all stores, when I used to shop I could spot the discrepancies. Reason is the pos system is updated when new stock lands and they don’t do the same on the shelves. Just being the devils advocate since it’s small amount of shillings to bitch about.

It’s easy. If you don’t agree with the price on the receipt then you tell the cashier that you have changed your mind and will go to another supermarket leaving all your shopping at the cashier desk. If enough people did that, the supermarket would stop


Thats outright theft there…

Pesa ni pesa. Wanaweza kukuachia product ukikosa shilingi moja? Those little coins make a big difference when they are accumulated on the final receipt.

Reason why I used to shop at baba Kamau’s shop hapo inje ya proti, no chance ya kunyang’anywa

oh, really? whose responsibility is it to change the shelve tags?

Happened to me once in Tumaini. Siku hizi i cram everything na nikiona kwa monitor price ni different nauliza na kama hawawezipunguza to reflect bei kwa shelf mimi huwaambia watoe

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Yeah. Wakikataa you walk out na unawaachia vitu hapo kwa counter.

Your Riyadh story reminds me of a similar scam some Naijas and Polish people used to pull in a large chain of supermarkets that i used to deliver stuff for usiku wa manane.
Now these supas are open 24 hours a day so they would be running an offer on say,42" plasmas for 2 weeks or Samsung American size fridges for a month.The Naijas and Polish night staff in the supermarket will wait until the last day of the offer and it usually runs until midnight on the last day.
Sasa juu they are charged with replacing these price tags on that night shift,they would play delaying tactics and all these time their “friends” would come shopping for the same items at around 12.30 AM.
In Europe consumer rights are well protected and whatever you advertise ata kama ni opening times is Law.The compe between the supas is so brutal that to attract more customers,this chain of supermarkets also had this law that says that if you catch the price displayed is different from the one at the checkout,you keep the items for FREE!
You can imagine how much they lost before they copped on! Mzungu being mzungu,they never changed the rules,they just designated the night manager to take care of changing the price tags!
Desclaimer; I did not partake or knowingly profit from this nocturnal price fixing scam… Honest!

Naijas have a bad reputation wherever they go. I wonder, when abroad, do they reveal that they are Naijas ama they pretend to be Ghanaians?

Naijas are very proud of who they are and the only time they would lie about their identity is if it was to their financial advantage.

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I once bought a three pack boxer packet with a price tag of 300/= on the pack. when i got to the till I was shocked to see the display reflecting 900/=…Ati each ni 300/= yet on the sealed pack kuna sticker ya 300/-…Niliwacha hapo kwa til na kutusi watu vibaya sana

ata kuna hii style ya kuweka kitu X2 kama huoni

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cheap ngothas, hmm?

Hiyo ni pesa ndogo wachana nayo