After Bernice left me in high spirits on Friday in my crib something happened this week from Monday. We were assigned to handle some task outside Nairobi. A few members from the department were chosen after I recommended the names for the task. Bernice wasn’t interested in going out of town but I included her name since I knew on a moment like that I can get access to the goods. On Tuesday morning the journey to Nakuru began faily well and with a company vehicle it was kinda boring. Bernice had decided to sit infront next to the driver. I chose to sit at the back coz of the comfort and that’s my preference. With my phone I was listening to some music to reduce boredom. For bring the witty guy I decided to ensure dudes don’t clash while at Nakuru and so I decided to pick an equal number of ladies to men and strongly I recommended young ladies and dudes to make it better since older employees start complaining ati “Ooh saa ntaachia mtoi na nani?”". I prefer young employees again because when it comes to jiggy jiggy everyone will get it as ‘watu wakienda out huanga wanajiachilia ile serious’. From every angle I could see people were just coupling up and I could feel how happy they were. When in a situation like that you must be coupled with someone even if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend at home, at that moment that doesn’t matter. What matters is what you have in hand not what you have left at home.

Once in Nakuru, we were taken to a hotel which had been booked in advance for us since we were to spend three nights before returning back home. Tuesday night, Wednesday night and Thursday night. Our boss did a good job booking us in the hotel as I found it to be a pretty cool place, with a balcony for some fresh air. We had booked on the top most floor and I found it amazing as no one would disturb us or hear any noises during jiggy jiggy. Here now guys chose their rooms. I took a room adjacent to Bernice’s. I wish everyone would be booked in a room with a girl but boss alicheza kama yeye. With this freedom I knew guys ‘wangeharibu na kuchafua ile mbaya’. That Tuesday Night we had decided to go out but coz of some boring presentation about the task at hand we had to listen till some time in the night and with fatigue everyone went to sleep. In the morning after waking up I meet Wycliffe and Brian “eeh buda ulicheza kama wewe buda thanks. We leo ntakuona kichupa”. " Ni sawa buda", the two were appreciating me for including them here. At that moment Bernice had woken up and she was outside her room in a white hot pant damn she was so sexy. “Si tutaongea baadaye”, I told Wickie and Brayo as I went to have a chat with Bernice. I said hi and she said hi too, she opened to door to her room and we went in. Her bed was full of her inner clothes, a number of bikini’s, and hotpants. While she was bending to put them together; I came from behind and put my arms around her waist immediately I got a boner and I knew she could feel it. I turned her to face me and we started kissing, Bernice has this lips so fine. In a moment we were on top of the bed kissing and with my aggression my hands were already removing the hotpant. After removing it halfway she was like " Leon NO not now", I was like “sasa huyu dame hizi ni gani ameanza yaani yeh huacha nitoe ndo aninyime tu”, yaani I have even seen the pussy with my dick this erect how can she deny me pussy? I tried to convince her. She reacted " Leone not now, na kwanza una CD kweli?” Man that’s where I was caught off guard I didn’t have condoms on me and with that I couldn’t drill that pussy. “Leon we will do it when its right, with protection”, After hearing those words nikajua hapo sawa I will drill this pussy with no mercy. She is those type of ladies who strongly have principles, NO CONDOM NO SEX. After that I returned to my room and prepared myself as time had gone.


Pongezi Mzito. Good progress.
Nilikuambia last time hizi zako ni soap opera kabisa, tena Cuendo Ces Mia; ni vile tu Hio place Ya gari huanga ni farasi…

Nimeboeka kusoma

Couldn’t read.


@nimechoka na series,meff.

mhhhhh… sawa

Boss, hii hekaya yako inakaa fantasy. Nyonga nyoka ulale blad fakin.


weka part 2 ,just to see reaction ya kijiji

hehe hata Bernice alikuwa a character hio soap

Na ivyo ndo blue balls zinakuandama tu…

Hekaya ya nakuru lazima ikue na hotel names, club names and a random photo of a flamingo or it never happened

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