Najienjoy... Away match, HKMBL




Eka ebrufication ama peleka kwa hekaya sexshen

Uko shot ya ngapi kabla kuku awike

Kama yuko na uwezo wa kushika simu, man’s done nothing …bado, bado sana

Oshanga mosquito net

hapo sawa.

Kazi swaffe.

Hii sivai condom mbaya mbayaaa

What lodging is this? By the way, have you guys ever noted women are very comfortable in nudity? She can be comfortable walking around the house naked na vile naskianga vibaya mtu anione matako nikiwa nude…

Napanua cheeks. Siwezi lipa more than 150

:D:D:D in my community women are referred as children hence that behavior

then huyu ni mtoto safi :smiley:

Mali safi…hizo sheet zinaonyesha ishadinywa inangoja round ingine. Sieziingia kabla ioshwe na harpic



  1. A man with a micropenis like you cannot fathom walking naked in fear of ridicule. A woman though might be the biggest borehole in earth has no effidence of the same unless penetrated and reported by a third party.
  2. A woman is naturally endowed with some level of Stupidity and acceptance of nudity as a norm to allow her bear children. Remember at childbirth a woman will be surrounded by people when she is 100% nude.

You forgot that women are also comfortable with nudity around other women hata kama they have just met they will be like they have been together for long, but you know it’s treasonable to speak to a man in a urinal coz you may turn and see his member inadvertently

:D:D on the other hand still exists? I remember seeing you there

no it is not - watu huongea wakiangalia mbele kama makarao wako attention kwa parade ground.