Which are the best family day out places in Naivasha. Sio mahali ya walevi but can get a swimming pool na bouncing castle hivi for the youngstars. Suggestions are welcomed, weekend ishafika.

@ol monk uko wapi?

There are very good hotels next to the flower firms by the lake…

Wachana na Mambo ya bouncing castles…how old are your kids…of they are teens endeni Mt Longonot for a climb and walk round the crater…if younger then muende Hells gate…hire bikes and ride to see the devils bedroom…then after hapo you drive to the lake for a 30 mins boat ride and then off you go Olkaria to spend the rest of the afternoon swimming and lunching at the heated pool…and then drive back home at 7pm…total cost less than Ksh 10,000…I know a lot about the hotels in Naivasha muniulize


would like to go for a cheki Maneno edition at Hells gate with @Guru . ebu give more info

Jaribu mtu wa mapunda @wonderful wonder ,he seems like a fun loving character.

huyo hawezi jua . he spends his days kwa zile tubarazas where people discuss politics

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how about Dea’s Gardens? Its about 2 km from the turnoff onto Moi South Lake Road

This is exactly what he inquired about, give him a breakdown

Watoi ni ile rika ya bouncing castle na excitement ya swimo hivi. Alcohol sio lazima for the day out, more suggestions are welcomed @msalame grace no need for accomodation.

Hakuuliza about hotels…aliuliza tu place poa ya kupeleka familia with no alcohol, swimming Pool na bouncing castles…Mimi I wanted to show him something different more exciting he could do with the kids…Day out haimaanishi hotels…Bali ni outdoors activities

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Thanks for the clarification…I guess the children you can pass hapo buffalo mall for that train ride while on your way to Hela gate…I’m guess Olkaria have bouncing castles by now because of the number of families who go there…boat ride is about 200ksh per person…then entrance fee ya Hells gate Siko sure but less that 500 na pia charges za Olkaria those are the only costs…you can have a perfect picnic with your family Bila kwenda kwa hoteli…the hotels in Moi south most are 4 star so you expect to pay more

From Hells gate entrance mpaka hapo the devil sio far like 4km it would be a waste for cheki maneno…what I would suggest is you start riding from Naivasha town using the old naivasha road to Moi South road all the way to Hell gate using the main entrance…Sasa hio ndio itakuwa adventure…then exit via the Olkaria gate and ride back to Naivasha town…the road doesn’t have much traffic but idiotic drivers ni wengi sana

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Nope Hells gate haiko side ya lake…but on Moi South road on Ua way to Hells gate there are numerous boat riding places…you will see the signs

Better still you can ride from Nairobi using the old Naivasha road it’s quite scenic and pia there is no much traffic except tu hapo kwa escarpment…the road is wide enough well marked…and has a shoulder you can ride on well…spend the night in Naivasha…explore the sights mentioned above on the second day…third day ride back to Nairobi this time passing through limuru to avoid waiyaki way

I will screen shot msalame’s suggestions for when I may need them. Some nice “breath-of-fresh-airs” you got here. You should start a blog with some of these suggestions

Sometime back in 2006 I participated in an xtreem mountain bike challenge In Mt Longonot…you ride/jog carrying Ua bike up the mountain and around the crater…but it was for Pros only coz it’s extremely dangerous riding on the crater(naturally it was an “mzungu” affair…but I would have loved to see more indigenous Kenyans organize sporting activities like this…well the winner did it in 2 hours 15…but these are guys who do triathlons so it was a piece of cake…for me it was more than 5 hours of torture…but I had fun none the less

You’d better

Usijali with hardwork and as time goes mapato yatakuwa mengi