Naivas setting up e-shop

Naivas Supermarket will next month launch an e-commerce platform as it seeks to reach tech savvy shoppers. The firm Tuesday said it is investing Sh180 million in setting up the e-shop.

It has set a target to generate at least seven per cent of its annual revenue from online customers. The retail chain says customers will buy everything on its shelves online for delivery countrywide. “There is opportunity in the market.

There are people we cannot serve right now and we would deliver to them,” said Naivas chief commercial officer Willy Kimani.

The retailer already provides delivery services at some of its branches.

The supermarket said details on how much customers will be charged for delivery are still being worked out. “We are working with our partners to ensure that delivery cost is per kilo package. The final costs will be released,” said Mr Kimani.

Tuesday, the supermarket launched Naivas Pay, a new platform that integrates card and mobile money payments.

Naivas Pay will also provide the supermarket with an avenue to collect data on customers’ shopping habits and tailor its services to meet their needs. E-commerce is becoming a big part of the Kenyan economy, thanks to deeper penetration of the Internet and mobile money services.

An indicator of the growing robustness of local e-commerce is the number of parcels sent.

Wueh, 180m!


And here I opened my e-shop with:
Sh.599 (paid to yearly Safaricom for domain name)
Sh.2,160 or $19 (paid monthly to for domain hosting and ready-made customizable online shop)

shemale niaje?


Shemale ni wewe! Na ukiniita hivo tena I will resign!

mna similar handles, my bad. :D:D

Your market target? Kenya ama wapi?

Kenya tu.

I wish you all the best.

Bahahahahaha, template ya prestashop, wasee wa manduthi mshahara 15 k per month to deliver products…180 million. Mazafaka.

Jumia has quite a headstart on them, will be interesting to watch how they’ll do theirs. Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy after teaching Amazon everything they knew about the toy business

Interesting watch

You have a website not an ‘e-shop’.
E-shop requires warehousing, stock, shipping logistic etc.

Warehouse ya Amazon iko wapi? Na wanastock nini?

As of September 2017, Amazon has 431 massive warehouses, fullfillment centres, airport hubs and sorting centres in 17 countries.
They take up a total of 155 million square feet. That’s equivalent to 500 Garden City malls (1500 since warehouses are generally a single floor).

If you want the locations and contacts of all these Amazon facilities, ndio hii link –

Well, I’m doing just fine without warehouses and an inventory.

Sure you are.
Good luck.

Sasa wewe bro si uwache turudi tu mahali tunakubaliana.



nataka website

What’s your web address?