@Nairobilay i have a bone to pick with u

Why would u recomend us a gay movie dude… Sense8 its full of gayshiet am totally comfortable with ladies kissing but again that blonde gals voice freaks me …i was on Ep2 i had to stop the rest end delete,
u owe me man for wasting my bandwith with a gay movie

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He all did for the love of Uncle Obama’s coming…

Read a book brother, it will entertain you and open your mind. These mind-numbing “serieses” are for people who do not want to think. Sasa ona vile umekasirika mpaka hutakula ugali!


u are wright ill search for some ebooks, anyone who can hack into Amazon Kindle


@snapdragon fast-forward through all the gay scenes and you have a movie with mathrees and martial arts.

Hiyo kazi yoote ndiyo aone mathrees tu? SMH in wonder!

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sasa coincidence ni ati msupa alinishika twice kwa hio scene ya magays


Enyewe hapo @nairobilay ali-spoil your evening, he owes you an apology because he should have issued a disclaimer at the very least. Not everyone can tolerate gayshyte. I remember I was eager to watch the Empire but as soon I realized it’s all gayshyte I broke the DVD into two na nikatupa kwa dustbin. My ugali na tilapia had turned stale as well…hio pia nikatupa kwa dustbin.


at least you have some lesbian porn to console you

Hehehehe got a classmate from Kibera was an extra in the Kibera scenes. Was exited twhen it was released but after watching first 2 episodes. He deleted it n talked for long on how he wasted his time watching it na ushoga zote. From his review i did not take a gander at that series

lol niccurs outchea dragging gay men through the mud when they LUUUUUUUUUUUUV Prison Break to death! I bet ya’ll had Wentworth Miller’s pics as your avatars, on t-shirts, desktop backgrounds etc :D:D:D:D:D Some of ya’ll still do lol

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Vile @Nefertities amesema. The problem with Sense8 is that its a little to graphic. Its just the show is on netflix ndiyo umeona mahomo hivyo. If that show was on NBC or Fox, those parts would have been trimmed severely and you would be hailing it as the next heroes!
But i know kuna wasee wengi hapa waliwatch The Wire with all its gay rape scenes…almost everyone who liked Prisonbreak, their favorite character was T-Bag…(HIS NAME WAS T-BAG!! AND HE WAS THE GAYEST CHARACTER EVER!!! EVEN WITH ONE HAND)

Wentworth Miller came out as gay after prison break ended

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The dude of suits is gay too

Hata wa how i met your Mother ni gay. The issue is not about if an actor in real life is gay, but the gay scenes in the series which @nairobilay is trying to dodge with the claim of actors in real life being gay


:slight_smile: bila…my stand is thr same. Its just that Sense8 is on netflix and they can get away with being so graphic with the sex. If that show was on any other network and they cut to black the moment they started kissing this discussion wouldnt be had. So forward through the sex scenes and you will find its an interesting series without all the sex (gay or straight)

Mike or Harvey?? Kwani all americans are ngay?!

The younger one…i dont watch the show, so i dont know their character names…