Standard Media Group has officially announced the closure of Nairobian gossip newspaper printing as it shifts to digital platforms. Yenyewe social media imechapa print media vibaya sana! By the time a juicy story is published on Nairobian on Friday ishakuwa stale news on social media.

Moral of the story- ADAPT OR DIE


Tabloids thrived because they disseminated gossip. Nowadays gossip travel faster than the speed of light and nobody is going to wait till in the morning to know who is fucking who while he can get that from an FB group, a forum like this one or on Twitter. Also the likes of Nyakundi, Edgar Obare, Robert Alai ate their lunch

The likes of TMZ and Daily Mail pivoted to online audiences and they are reaping big from their ads ridden websites. Adapt or be adapted.


Why are they so obssesed with traditional media? Si wafungue iwe gossip page pale twitter, IG, Tiktok etc.