NAIROBI-X is a piece of sh*t

I expected more with all the hype over this game


Ive been thinking this thing is a pc game…kumbe ni ya phone?!

kuna pc na phone version. got the pc version hapa

At least they tried

pc version iko poa hiyo health bar ndio tricky

iko down but nice start…

I think it is a nice start there is room for improvement in the future

Niggas be talking shit and the best thing they have done with their lives ni ku-copy a dead hero’s name and idea. Before you @Wanderi call Kagia’s work shit drop your game otherwise STFU. Fcuking embryo


No need to hate. But I guess you are entitled to your opinion.

Prop’s… on first try on game development. However the navigation, health bar, weapons, enemy. . the entire game needs a lot of improvement. “A” for home grown effort tho’

@Deorro this are the things you should delete

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:smiley: I thought so as well. Lakini let’s acknowledge that he made sth and improve on that.

I give him a distinction for doing something original and not pretending to be a professional by selling cracked counterfeit versions of white man’s stuff. Familiarity of elements in the game should be a huge plus.


Kuna a pc and phone version. Ama mnataka picha ndio mbelieve?

Is it the same game, but ported to Android?

Well look at where mzungus started, the guy is heading somewhere. Also remember RESOURCES like studios, etc.

Its a good start …imagine all the strides we are making trying to beat the white man with all his experience and resources

Wanderi ningekutusi were it not for the sake of your name