Nairobi Women and Oga Guys Etc

Nice production, but basic storyline. It is a start but would appreciate action movies instead of love stories!!

Its on youtube. I just posted the link. Nothing special about the storyline, for us guys, but I liked the quality and video aspects. The storyline is the type that you ladies enjoy. The youtube comments show that this film appealed mostly to ladies anyway.

Niaje Doltress?

Hi Gashui. How have you been?

Great, and you?

I am doing fine.Thanks

When Gashui was young, the Nairobi women were attracted to Congolese men.
Moral of the story: it will come to pass.

I don’t blame them. I find Rwandese women extra fine too. I don’t think that one will pass.

:D:D. I concur.

Hehehe. When Gashui was young, Nairobi women had just arrived from Congo forest.


Cringeworthy stuff, I couldn’t watch more than 30 seconds of Ms. Hassan’s pathetic attempt at acting. Mimi nikiskia fake American accent I feel like my ears are being scratched against a metal board. Nimeishi US for almost twedi years, no-one here talks like that. She’s been here for like what, 2 years? Her body language is totally incongruent with her words. Fake everything. I tried watching nikashindwa. What are you trying to show us? Just be yourself, crap!!

Summarize story. Boy meets girls (continue with the usual cliche). I don’t want to waste an hour of my life

Thank you for posting, enjoyed it very much.

Watu kama mimi cant even tell she had an accent, fake or real. Maybe nimeishi Kenya all my life that’s why.

I don’t care for the fake accent. I just don’t like the forced acting, language used and authenticity of film. Hawa wasee should make content that can relate to ordinary Kenyans. Kama hiyo start scene, hakuna Boyz hubreak up na Dame hivyo. That’s Western culture type shit. Huku watu hukuchorea then inajijazia umetemwa halafu mnaanza matusi.
Problem with these kind of films is that it’s not relatable at all. Hata middle class hawa behave hivi

You always so bitter and jealous against other women making a mark :D:D

The film was really well made. Basic storyline as mentioned but cinematography, acting and sound systems were quite good. What I love about Kenyan cinema is they try to make everything seem as professional and believable as they can. Nigeria with it’s over acting and over dramatisation got nothing on us. Big up to them. It’s a start and the bar will only get higher!

Haya msichana anaitwa Sarah HASSAN wallahi nilijua huyu had a little bit of waria in her.Hii ni kitu yetu bana.

Ha ha ha, middle class kitu gani. Even Americans don’t behave or talk like these wannabe fake artistes. Why are they pretending to be more american than the original speakers of the language? My ears are very sensitive to rubbish accents, I will literally change channels if I hear an African trying to fake “sophistication” or “poshness.” Even our president has this problem, it’s cringeworthy whenever he tries to modify his speech mbele ya wazungu. Lol. Anywho, I rather watch Inooro TV at least the language and storyline is authentic. You know my gal, Rita Tinina of NTV, huyo ndio ako na real Kenyan-English accent and she’s awesome.

wacha tutweng in peace tafadhli