Nairobi Subway Map


fairy tale kama:D:D:D:D

Hehehe it’s vision 2030

subway? na pipe ya sewage inatushinda from all that effluent kwa barabara

They need to implement crossrail (bypass ya railway) otherwise it will congest the cbd in future.
However if this is ever implemented in my lifetime (hoping to be here for next 50yrs plus ;)) I will be extremely proud of us.

Lofty dreams!

Vision 2030

I wish they can implement it so that our children can have a smooth ride


None for now, still in planning phase

Cartels are a hindrance to such developments angaria mutu Kama kamada maina na arrogance yake ire ya huko mucatha…Fara mang’aa

How will this subway chug it’s way uphill CBD-Valley Road-Ngong Hills / Waiyaki Way to Banana Hills?
And how will the drainage systems get fixed when the roads flood as they currently do? Iko sida hapo, hii ni ndoto kama Stadium za Ruto

Nairobi west just before the river kuna sewage imekuwa ikileak for the last five years mpaka imechimba barabara na kuna maintenance dept kwa kanjo, Nairobi water, KURA etc.

Kama ni macharia ule wa BRT in superhighway, forget it !

2022 campaign tool, just like the 5 stadiums

Sasa hii tutasema ni hekaya ya abunuasi number ngapi stroke 2019

alishindwa na hii saa zile pesa ilikua mingi kuruka

same to gigiri police station apo italy embassy opposite. kuna sewerage imekuwa ikileak heading to the nearest river for the past like 4 years …nobody has ever bothered about it

pppsssst. There have been such blue prints since the early 60s. Even in my uncle’s office kwa Railways Workshop - Yard. It was pinned on the wall right below map ya EAST Africa Railways, Harbours & Inland Waterways Corp. The underground cbd termini was to be where Hilton Hotel currently stands…but oh well…

we can’t build a simple light rail…wacha ata iyo, even roads we cant do properly…a subway is a dream and this is just another avenue to siphon our taxes