nairobi phone snatchers baited by content creator

kumbe inakuwaga team work ?


This is incredible. I wish more people would do this with a mob of mean bastards in the car, akijaribu kuchukua watu wana shuka gari na kumchoma.
Kenya needs a lot of vigilante groups. The police will never help us because they work with these monkeys

Mdau nishaweka thread hapo chini yako. Ama wewe ni…?

The guys he’s working with sound like cons. Mwishowe wakipata chance watamgonga huyo mchinku

How do you know the Kenyans are the cons and not the chinku?
Wa china have conned us on almost all public projects by giving kickbacks, conned our workers by not training them instead opting to supervise every single bolt fixture, conned us by caning kenyan workers on camera, conned us by using public property as collateral for bad loans, conned us by eating our dogs and poaching our animals together with mama konyagi
Yet people like you will die defending these dog munching animals.

Kumbe wewe ni old monk?

Thats not their problem honestl, if we can’t get our act together mbona tunalalamika when people from strange places nyorosha us vilivyo? Stop passing blame nanii, shida ni sisi.

@administrator hii upuzi haijaisha… Rudishia this takataka Siberia

[SIZE=5]Sasa rudi na handle ingine.

Tumia @ndakwe hujaitumia in a while.[/SIZE]

Is this kind of “trapping” legal? .if not then why tf aren’t law enforcement doing this? . They could nab many thieving goons in a single sweep.

Fuck @patco manze… na venye hii thread ilikua promising. @administrator na @Electronics4u na @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD do something about this. Its ruining the site

He’s just bitter he posted the same thread but no one replied. Kila mtu amemtupa siberia

Oooh myyyy Gooood again with shsina loans. Not every Chinese loaned you money. Peleka kelele kwa China exim bank na communist party kina shi ji ping

Looks like it’s working well on you

Well not 100%. I wanted absolute silence but the trolls still get through once in a while.

It doesnt work 100%. It should be implemented in such a way that someone like old monk can’t see my threads at all.

Even you you shouldnt be seeing what I’m posting right now. So again that is proof that that technology isn’t working as it should.

Why are you seeing me and you are not supposed to be aware of my presence?

99.9% of ktalk has blocked him. No one notices his meffi post apart from … ama wacha tu. Alaf @Idi Adnim and his disciples aint doing jerk. They are actually getting hardons on this shiet. Bado nagoja nyoka ikuom side yangu niitwange kichwa, takataka yeye.

Hawa maphone snatchers wanafaa na ile taser. Unawekelea khasia full voltage anapumzika kwanza

This cane out of nowhere

I’m seeing your shit because I haven’t blocked you yet… lol:D it’s not rocket science