Nairobi-Kisumu Medium gauge railway line

This is how our railway line was saved.

[SIZE=7]ICC factor made me accept Ruto’s victory, says Raila Odinga[/SIZE]

Nation Media Group
The possibility of death and bloodshed from post-election violence and fear of International Criminal Court (ICC) charges compelled Azimio leader Raila Odinga to accept President William Ruto’s disputed win.

The Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition party leader, Mr Odinga, on Thursday night poured his heart out to his presidential campaign team, narrating why he let go of his “poll victory” without calling for mass protests.

For the first time since the declaration of the August 9 election outcome and the subsequent ruling by the Supreme Court that affirmed President Ruto’s win, Mr Odinga came out to narrate to the men and women who spearheaded his fifth presidential bid his struggles to build a democratic Kenyan society and how his attempts to clinch the top job have flopped multiple times.

its meter gauge not medium gauge you idiot. Baba is a hero. He lost and moved on.

Whatever - Him and railroad uprooters knew that this time around, he was going going to Hague and never coming back - Ruto was going to turn him in.

sawa. sasa unataka tufanye? tugongeshe mijuls kwa ukuta ama?

Tutafute the new Luo Nation Leader. There is a vacuum

Tomba kuma ya mamako

Still interviewing [ATTACH=full]470342[/ATTACH]