Nairobi imejaa, Kiambu absorbing strain


Nairobi is not full its expensive. Kiambu is a very large county, those prices only apply to plots near kiambu town namely :thindigua, kirigiti etc. those old men(home-guards) never sell the land so those prices are speculative…however they have kids & wives in the west who quickly sell the land at throw away prices once the old man dies

you can still get acres of land in juja(1/2 acre 2 mil-negotiable) call Dr Herod Iv for title ready buroti maguta maguta in juja…


Juja is far far away from Nairobi, I know Kikuyu hakuna those huuuge lands, but it’s better than Thika road salty water plots

I’ve just driven through this area, construction is ongoing.

Sawa Mfalme Herode wa Wayahudi

Shifo, Yes Kiambu has absorbed a lot of Nairobians because life is way cheaper lakini kuna watu wanalia saa hii. Some of those highrise buildings were not well planned. Some were built on Riparian land. Several disasters expected further down the line.
But for me what I find most painful is seeing the drunk jobless youth with no future in sight because their fathers sold the land for a song and did not invest anything in return. Now they live in shacks while surrounded by these monstrous buildings standing on what was once their land.

sijawai elewa Githurai mahali tunatomba madem daily iko kiambu aje. yaani natokanga nairobi naenda kiambu kufinya dem

:D:D:D:D uko na ujinga same way I have never understood that mlolongo is in masaku. Mimi hutoka Nairobi naenda kutupa used condom in masaku after nimekaza kunguru.

Wacha umaraya. Heshimu mkeo

Those hopeless youths are a ticking time bomb

Jubilee gava is also responsible for the mess Kiambu is in. Is this when the Environmental officials are realising the dangers that some of those buildings pose? they will ‘sink’ one day. As for the yutmen Jubilee mobilised them mbaya sana, they bothered to wake up and vote only for scandals like the NYS loot to emerge. It isn’t exactly their fault. Then their fathers sold their land…

I feel pity for them. They face a very bleak future

The only responsibility a parent has to a kid is a good education. Some kids are not made for school. In that case, open for them a ka Biashara and they go their way. Shauri ya those jobless youth. I looked for land in Kiambu but gave up. Those prices are like Karen.
I hear Nanyuki is a good place. Considering to build my retirement home there.

Are those controlled development areas. Because I don’t want to purchase then someone builds a 6 storey complex next to me.

  • This is kenya, the only places that enforce controlled development are Muthaiga and Runda (where old money lives)…there are high rise buildings in kilimani ,kilelesha, lavington etc - kenyans build high rise buildings in towns or near major roads

Why Juja By Herod Iv

  • Its between two large towns namely: Nairobi and Thika

*Its has its own town - Juja Town with all the amenities

*Juja is the only place left near Nairobi where you can buy acres of land with clean titles without breaking the bank. Don’t listen to @propesa, Karen and Ngong-matasia are far from Nairobi than Juja is- it only takes a few minutes to get to the Nairobi CBD thanks to Thika Road.

*Most people buying land in juja are the upper-middle class by Kenyan standards (doctors ,lawyers, academics…) in fact professor Anzala lives in Juja - they are looking for large plots(very important), privacy & proximity to major towns -all the benefits of Karen for less than 5 mil.

*Availability of water - Just dig bore holes. The water is not salty. I know of a lawyer who supplies water to his neighbours from his bore hole at a connection fee of 20,000 ksh

*Availability of cheap construction materials - the famous Ndarugo is in juja ask @MachaaWaHadithi

Simiyu those parents that sold Ruaka, Limuru, Ndenderu, Kikuyu etc for a song were proper peasants. Hata school fees hawangeweza. Ruaka for instance was a shanty you would not have looked at twice. So opening for them a business for them would not have been possible. Most sold and drunk the money. A few smart ones sold a portion and used the money for development the rest of the land. Wengi walikunywa na wakakufaa. Those areas especially near those bypasses are untouchable now coz you will feel like you are being robbed. I missed a few great opportunities myself. Proper legit. Like there were some mbulotis being sold somewhere further in Kiambu. Going for 300k at the time…today it is millions and millions. This one I regret bigtime as it is near Nazareth Hospital.

Nanyuki is perfect. Buy and don’t look back please. And buy now. Have you looked at the coastal region…know a v good agent from huko. If you are interested inbox for his details. Quite reputable too, was referred by friends from Trumpistan. He sends me regular updates but I am currently not looking.

How is juja far away from Nairobi? Are you planning to walk to Nairobi?

Nimeiona pia nikiingia area ya kijabe