Nairobi house prices drop on apartment oversupply

“The property market is experiencing static sales price performance driven by the oversupplied apartment market in Kilimani and Kileleshwa, down 9.5 percent and 6.9 percent respectively in the last year,” said HassConsult.

Apartments on average recorded a 5.8 percent drop in price during the period, far ahead of detached houses whose prices dropped by 1.7 percent, and semi-detached units whose prices went up by 0.7 percent on average.

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Hii hapa muoto sana

Cha Mkufuu mwanafuu ha, akila hu; cha mwanafuu mkufuu hu, akila ha demakuVU!

Na Leo uko na hasira. Kwani unanyesha wiki mzima?

Developers must be reeling from the high financing costs and holding costs. Watatii

All looted money are channel to flats instead of industries

Kwani hii Hass hu-cover tu Kilimani na Kileleshwa? Hata huku Roysambu kuna oversupply.

:D:D:D:D:D… upuss!!!Kenya real estate business isn’t about making money it’s about “parking money” wewe na ujuaji yako try investing clean money or loan money na real estate na utaona moto ,just ask @Purple ,analilia pale I 10 inside her Lexus GX 460 counting her losses

Spot on! In Kenya real estate is used to preserve looted cash. Wenye wanaumia Ni wenye wamejenga na loan

Roysambu hakuna apartments FOR SALE. Huko ni tenants mostly. That’s why.

Admins waliniblock kuangusha mixtapes via links. Vimeo pia copyrights ikatumaliza. @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD Waliniambia nipeleke hiyo upuss kwa matatu za Kayole ama ungoje lawsuit kama ile ya mandazi moto vile ilileta noma. Haidhuru. Tuko tu.

Market correction in Play

Safi mdau. Ni worries

Zile zenye Uhunye anajenga Ngara zitauzwa how much

Very true. I just wish one of those looters would approach me with only 50m. I can set up and manage a very lucrative manufacturing biz for them. He will be sorted for life.
Apartments or flats bring a stunted income…very little or no growth. Manufacturing OTOH, just ask any muhindi…a factory on a 50x100 plot churning out FMCG can give you a 10-50 milli worth of sales every month. Profit hapo is usually at 30-50%.
Fanya hio hesabu.

Real estate business is the preserve of state looters and drug barons

Looters are mostly lazy people that’s why they launder the funds in real estate where there’s little management,and frequent /guaranteed income.
Investing in manufacturing would mean active involvement in the running of the business something they are too lazy to do.

There are investors in KT too. Tell them (us) more on this profitable FMCG @Electronics4u

Sio covid-19?