Nairobi Hospital

Nairobi Hospital doing what they do best, give you a fake admission and sneak in fake tests to bill you even more money. This is just stealing from a patient tabia mbaya hii. Hizi hospitali are just money making schemes healthcare in Kenya is just rotten to the core.

ati what is the first name of that hospital?

and what did those ghetto ruffians who mumble incoherent “new age” sheng tell everyone to OGOPA?

Hii ni inside job ya accounts department.
The guy invoicing and the FC are in cahoots.

NIABM negro bure kabisa

Every couple of months there’s always some nasty story about nairobi hospital online.
If you still go there at this point you’re either too wealthy to care or too dumb to be helped

Saa hii ndio unajua hospitali ni biashara. Unless ni surgery ama bibi kuzaa always google your symptoms and treat yourself with home remedies.

Human beings are crafty,deceptive and conniving .People always wanting to game the system for personal gain

Fake news…been taking my people hapo for years now na have never experienced that. Kwanza admission ni mbio sana. Shida tu ni ukipeleka bibi kujifungua hapo siku ya discharge utazunguka kwa ofisi za accountants mpaka upige nduru…but its still a less than 2hr affair. Alafu sai if you go to any hospital you have to be careful otherwise they will bill you vitu haziko kwa ukiwa semi illiterate. Juzi hapa kangemi kwa eagle hospital my cousin was billed for malaria tests yet he went complaining about food poisoning…had to go back and lodge a complaint

Since it has never happened to you doesnt mean it doesnt happen. Dont use your experience to make a conclusions. So unataka kusema huyo msee anadanganya? FYI, Nairobi Hospital has been having similar cases day in day out.

It does happen and its not just Nairobi hospital…its rampant kwanza hapo kwa billing…but admission and discharge ni swift though it will always feel like a lifetime juu uko na mgonjwa.

Kila mtu awe macho. Also those doctors who keep on adding unnecessary tests to bill you even more. Ukona shida ya tumbo mtu anataka kufanya chest x-ray! TF!

Hehehe yaani hivi ndio tutaishi Kenya?

This is a Negro behavior. Put a nigger anywhere and his first thought is how to chinja the cow

White people aren’t corrupt? Maajabu

Kwa admission I agree, but discharge… zi, it took me a whole afternoon. Nssf, confirmation ya insurance, then came mchezo ya doctors fees. In my case insurance limit had been exceeded so I had to pay anaesthetist out of pocket. Hospital told me nilipe pesa yote hapo, papo hapo anaethetist amenipigia (definitely someone else had given him a heads up), akasema nimtumie mpesa niwachane na hospitali. Akapigia accounts and I think expletives were used, accounts clerk sasa ame kasirika ati mbona naongea na daktari… ujinga mob, sasa watoe anaethetist fee kwa bill… enda hapa wait pale…

They are less corrupt. That’s a fact

Facts require citations, preferably RCT studies. Produce

Nairobi West is the worst

I won’t do that.

Use a vehicle with the Kenyan LPN while going there in future utaona tofauti,but sikuombei ugonjwa ,people with red-plates get privileges