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I knew there would be no Nairobi by elections when President Uhuru refused to provide campaign funds for it leaving Dennis waweru looking for RAT for some measure of exposure in Nairobi in the hope of being that elusive handcheque joint candidate. Also I suspect he was not in it to contest to win but to eat the campaign funds to pay his debts and loans while getting political mileage to run again for Dagoretti south seat.

My second observation is the stupid strategies of handcheque teams. Remove Sonko by all means necessary then almost getting a heart attack when the realities of the huge loss at the by elections will do to their diminished confidence. They had to go back to sonko to work a deal to get this woman as his pick to take over as Governor. Stupid really. So Sonko is again back pulling the strings behind the scenes with the same people who removed him because it better than losing big against Hustler wave in Nairobi.

Let the games of musical chairs continue, in the end the lose is us the voters. We will correct this in 2022. Nairobi has now being lead by a very corrupt thief who wears suits, highly qualified and speaks queens english Kidero. We have been lead by a corrupt, unqualified, bling bling governor sonko. We are now lead by a military man, very qualified, puppet governor under nms that is all Kenyatta family piggy bank. Let us see how this experiments results.

But the hustler movement scored an own goal by nominating Pastor Wanjiro.

It was a Nobrainer , that the next Governor of Nairobi was a person that would sign to the tune of Uhuru, and such a person could be have came in thru’ the election.
How would an elected governor have worked with NMS ?

No we didn’t she was the best of those who applied. But since we know nothing and you obviously know better then tell us who should have been picked? Also consider independent candidate can run on their own. Give us your messianic candidate.

My messianic message is now irrelevant since it had been overtaken by events.
But saying that she was chosen because she was the best is a very lame excuse, especially coming from you.
Just tell us that DP caved in from her pressure and decided to back her. We will understand and move on.

Ann kananu

That’s what is wrong with this nation. You claiming Bishop was the best candidate is very laughable. You mean you couldnt find a neutral guy befitting the seat? it had to be recycled trash?

Where is your cherish peter kenneth to ran. Ama he is awaiting to anointed as governor.

Of course you don’t have a candidate because its way easy just to look for faults and negatives than solutions. That is why I agree with those who say our politicians are a reflection of the society. I awaited to see that middle-class candidate since they complain alot. Last time I checked over 100 parties were registered last year alone. However only 5 parties have shown interest in this Nairobi governors by elections.

Also siwezi sema kitu that didn’t happen and untrue as much as you would say it is or wish. UDA is just one party affiliated to Hustler Movement. Started by Muthama and volunteers using their own funds and free services. DP Uncle Ruto as Chief Hustler didn’t give them even a cent. That’s is why their launch is very humble beginnings. There were five candidates who applied. They were left to decide on their own and come back with an answer. They did. She was revealed with them there to the media. But I guess all this was fiction that didn’t happen. My party is Peoples empowerment party PEP lead by Moses Kuria and also an affiliate of Hustler movement. We picked Kisia. First we wanted his running mate woman who had a good background of leadership and success at the private sector. However it was argued correctly that picking a novice, unknown person to win a highly competitive Nairobi city elections needs a miracle. She had no known brand name. If people don’t know you intimately in Eastlands then forget it. So we agreed Kisia and her were a better fit. Hustler movement leaders had two tickets to present to DP Uncle Ruto to seek his support. His answer was simple have you decided on your own? What are the people saying. Present those two answers and you have his blessings. It was a no brainer. Both settled.

Here is my advise since a lot of advise is going around lately. Stop complaining and grumbling at home or comfort zones. Get out and participate. Either as campaigners or candidates. Did you expect Hustler to visit peoples at their homes to interview them as possible Nairobi candidates. Jitokezee.

And there you have it:

@spear I get what you’re saying. However, #HustletNation is a movement, yes?
How often do you see anyone from private sector being popular if they aren’t already in politricks or some kind of political limelight?
It would have been easy to even get someone from civil service on that ticket…but noooooo. Lazima popular faces…

If #HustlerNation is a movement, any candidate it picks should be easily marketable anywhere. Simply dial up his/her credentials and show intent to he different, to make a difference to the city. Hii ingine sounds like an excuse.

nairobi is ferked big time again
During questioning, Kananu was cornered into declaring her stand on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), to which she answered in the affirmative.

Questioned on what her plans for Nairobi are regarding the traffic congestion, Kananu, 40, said PSVs should be moved from the CBD

nobody has ever thought of removing gava offices and spread them out to the sub counties? , hata ofisi za kanjo, some of them should be moved from CBD. everyone blames PSVs yet they’re a small part of the problem, how about mass transports?
the most important question was for bbichieth?

Boss enda funfua WordPress blog. Your paid propaganda will not go unnoticed

Chikuyu jameni

Here is your new governor.



Mama ya Tharaka Nithi amekuwa Ngabana just like that, Congrats to mtu wa kwetu. Namtafuta weekend akikam shagz nipate tender ya kupanda maua city hall way:D


yani a judge was on standby as vetting was going on,deep state manenos

The propaganda he spouts here is very vacuous and unsophisticated .Yeye mwenyewe he comes across as very dense and probably not someone you’d have in a strategy meeting .