Nairobi fraudsters led by Momanyi who was recorded beating up a guy for snitching on them flaunt their high end cars

Maisha ya madrug dealers na fraudsters…Momanyi posted this video and then deleted

@Mpenda = @digi

Hapo umeflop mbaya

Keti pale…[ATTACH=full]243185[/ATTACH]

that is why everyone is stealing. they want to live like that.

Its the people who stay lowkey that have longevity in any form of business.

When you scam someone over 50 million hii pesa lazima ikusumbue

Pesa ya kuiba has to seek validation. You can’t stay low key

Mimi naongelea mambo ya what hao maboys wanafanya na wengine wao thats what is called nigga rich ama rich broke. But i attribute it to young age but when i become extremely wealthy i will live my life under the radar. Sitaki kusumbuliwa na sitaki kusumbua.

Do these men with protruding stomach/kitambi know how ridiculous they look with tight t shirts/shirts?

Hehe hao wangwana hawajali as long as hela zinaingia they could care less what people think of them.

Nikiwa birionea nakulipa ushikilie hio kitambi niki kunia

i expected plenty of girls swarming around them …

I thought they were beating that boy because he revealed their sexuality.