Nairobi Floods...

Can’t believe the amount of hours I’ve spent on Mombasa road because of traffic jam, I thought I had it bad…

Kuna boy wangu who had an even worse day…

Passed by Kileleshwa,please don’t disturb Kidero… Someone Please find Noah… Juu hii ni shida Yupi.

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I had to take shelter kamdo ya hiyo agip house hapo karibi na times tower from 6 to 10… Hadi some Ronga mat ilivhapa maraundi mara mbili kama bado niko tu hapo. Hii Nairobi sitembei jioni tena

Guys were well and truly traffucked last night. All Nairobians should boycott paying any more taxes to this Kidero govt till they get serious. What 's so hard about clearing drains.

Usitundanganye @Mayekeke:p:D …tht 2nd pic is u


Collective responsibility is needed. Yeah, and Nairobi is an overrated dump.

heri @[SIZE=4]Ka-Buda[/SIZE]. truck is the ultimate solution;)

At the risk of sounding insensitive I’ll say this: most of the plastic stuff that eventually clogs these drains doesn’t just find its way there. It’s thrown around carelessly by otherwise normal and perfectly sane human beings, who then act surprised when the inevitable happens. I find it difficult to sympathize with such, honestly. Bad & unfortunate as the situation might have been.

Perhaps the ‘nyumba kumi’ initiative wasn’t such a bad idea after all.


Sasa ndiyo you need a diesel car.As long as the exhaust pipe is not under the water,you are good and the engine won`t sieze on you.

Traffic in Nairobi is one big shit…fuel prices should go up or private cars be banned from accessing cbd

I think you might be closer to the solution then you think, however I doubt that banning private cars is the solution, a trick however would be to setup a system where if you want to enter/pass through the city you have to pay a amount of money, of course different depending on the time of day (rush hour would be higher and none-rush hour would be lower). This would ensure that people who really need to get to or through town are able and also to minimize traffic while in town, in addition it becomes a income generation that can be used to construct highways around town that can be used by everyone else that just want to get back home and not go into cbd.

Should fuel prices increase, trust me you won’t like it. What’s required is policy that promotes public transport rather than private cars.

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A subway system would be sweet, but I assume it would be to expensive compared to the alternative, doing noting :3

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Now every Tom and Dick in Harry wants to drive to job or whatever errands they gat…hata superhighway kuna jam.

Mafisi wengi sana plus corruption is their second name

It’s a shame really with the corruption in this country, stops all development and makes people lose faith in democracy.

Si huyo msichana ako fiti yaani… :slight_smile:


The exhaust pipe and the air inlet…

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True that! I love the way they designed the older KWS land cruisers specifically for this kind of scenario.That thing can cross over a river with water flowing almost on windscreen level.