Ive tried to watch Nairobi diaries twice nikashindwa kabisa after 5 minutes I cant understand what its about . Ive watched reality shows like growing up hip hop in Atl and though its really vain,its atleast engaging, you can watch for 5 minutes without wondering what is this about. I watched one where these girls went to Dubai, as in if I tape my own trip to Dubai with my kids itd be more interesting to watch , then my daughter even asked me,mami who are these fat women? Those who follow this show what is the appeal?

What are you trying to say? I have also read your post more than 5 times, and I could not understand what it’s about

Touche! Its for the guys who watch it.What’s the appeal?

I’m sorry then. I don’t like to seem troublesome to ladies… Pole Madam

If you don’t watch it, and you are a woman…or so I suppose, then we need a special day to castrate some two…three men in this damn place.

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@10000 OTHERS unaitwa hapa

Omwami sinanga telly, I kent rerate

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My sister and my girl watch it cause of the unintentional comedy. The dumb fights… The butchering of English… Basically to laugh at members of the cast or call out their fakeness…

During the heat of one argument one girl told the other in her forced accent… You need a standing innovation… She meant ovation but she had on airs and didn’t even know English.

Other examples… She is such a sichooo. She meant psycho. Another one. I know I’ve hurted you in the past.

These just examples from the few I’ve seen when I’m in the company of both of them

Siwesi relate

I have never watched it btw.
Does it have blood and gore?Espionage? zombies? Aliens? Controversies?

@M2Random si unaonanga hio kitu inaongelewa hapa, leta maoni

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Hao maliar huwa wamechapa ile mbaya. Trying to ape Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Shitty program.

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TV yangu ni black and white na aerial iliharibika…meffi

@Electronics4u ndiye huwatch reality shows…sijui the havings and the others who don’t…meffi



Ango @uwesguru hebu kwuom kiasi uone white rhino yako