Nairobi-Dar. Which airline

I intend to travel to Dar sometime next month, which airline has the cheapest return ticket?

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Hehe umeskia sifa za sinza eh?

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Ebu give me 411, hoping for some good guidelines, don’t forget gugu maps

Why kill the fun? Go by road and you will have a trip to remember.

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hizo rates ni questionable…

Ukifika dar, ulizia sinza utaonyeshwa. The rest is for you to sample

Remember to carry a Gor Mahia jersey

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your best bet is Ethiopian airlines. Tickets start at 14k, check their website.
Na kama wewe mjanja you will book a flight that departs in the evening and arrives in Dar the following day or vice versa on the return leg.
Utalipiwa hoteli bure na Ethiopian na ukamue mhabesha.

How is that even possible? Leo oswayo ndio imepiga mujamaa chenga. ION vyenye umeambiwo hapo juu road trip ndio mambo yote