Nairobi CBD watchmen Wanakula Wasichana Sawa Sawa !

[SIZE=6]‘We Rape Drunk Women In Nairobi!’ Shocking Revelations Of How “Chokora” And Watchmen Rape Drunk Nairobi Women.[/SIZE]

Kenyans especially many from the major cities are well-known drunkards. According to research, many Nairobians love alcohol and out of the close to 40 million Kenyans, 1.2 per cent of adults are considered binge drinkers.

From Friday to Sunday entertainment joints are always fully packed with revelers who spend millions of cash on alcohol in the name of having fun.

Although men can control themselves after binge drinking, their female counterparts cannot. They are weaker and in most cases, some of those who drink too much for the road end up causing unnecessary dramas and others even die after being hit by cars or raped by strangers.

A story of how drunk women are used by city watchmen and street kids ran by the Nairobian has sent chills down the spines of many.

What about if you were raped while drunk and you don’t know? Or you are infected yet you aren’t promiscuous? It’s high time women learn to be each others’ keeper. It costs nothing to help a sister.


Drunk women go through a lot on that night of binge drinking and at times, some are left by their friends at clubs in case they start misbehaving. And those who are lucky to leave the establishment always sought for watchmen’s security services but some turn out to be ‘thirsty’ and end up raping the innocent women.

A chokora by the name Geoffrey Gachanja also admitted he sexually harrasses drunk women.

Cases of women being assaulted when drunk are on the high rise and its high time owners of entertainment joints provide security, accommodation, and transport for their clients especially those who can’t handle too much.

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sasa kwa nini unamleta hapa , ataanza kusema all men meet weekly at ‘[SIZE=6]La Manda’[/SIZE] where we conspire to assassinate all women and we have a paybill number where we pay these watchmen and chokoraas to harrass drunk [SIZE=5]independent[/SIZE] women coz we are all [SIZE=7]MGTOW[/SIZE] alafu she will block all men simply coz we are men …bure kabisa

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Women and alcohol doesn’t match!

Very true

correction jakom :
→ Ungesema women and alcohol don’t match ,
asanta sana …


Even on a Sunday people who claim to be Monkeys Going Their Own Way can not LEAVE WOMEN ALONE not for even a second? You people hamna pesa ya kufind a new obsession? Leo kuna match gani? Just take an off of talking about women just for a day, you won’t die. Repeat after me: I can survive a day without talking shit about women.

So what was your objective for posting this? Ndio mupeane high five that women who will not be caught dead next to your shadow are being raped by watchies and street boys? What really went wrong were you molested by women or why do you get so excited when something bad happening to women. This hatred you people have, chungeni you may go to a spa and suicide bomb.

Its Sunday we do not need this kind of negativity from hopeless, depressed boys who the only source of happiness in their lives is dissing women, bitching about women. Is that what your circumcisor told you manhood is ama hata hujatahiri and you are here talking shit about women. How can you rejoice ATI Adele was raped? Do you have sisters will you have daughters? Do you even realize that you yourself as a man can also be raped, sodomised? Do you? Don’t say you talk like this bcz you are a man, you talk this way bcz you are mentally ill. Period. How else can you explain happiness over rape? How? Unless you are a psychopath.

For the sober ones, not these retarded, bitter, depressed, hopeless, angry monkeys going their own way which they never go. Let me say this, Nairobi is a very insecure place. Take care of your security especially in clubs and pubs. Never go these places by yourself. I have heard of several cases on the rise from a friend who works at Cid hq where a man goes alone to watch football, another man sits next to him, spikes his drink, then takes the man to a waiting car. The man is gang sodomised for a whole week. While being drugged over and over again. Some even two weeks. I bet it is even filmed for sale bcz it’s a syndicate. My own uncle an older man has been drugged over 10 times in upmarket pubs and clubs. So nikikwambia it’s dangerous. It really is. Let’s not forget the man working for NIC Bank who was clobbered to death in Mombasa by watchies at City Mall Nyali for urinating on a flowerbed. The pilot who was killed by street Boys at Bunyala roundabout after his car stalled there. Night life is dangerous. Personally I only go out at night, to shop or to eat and if it’s later than 9pm I ensure I have company. There are roads I can’t use at night. Streets even daytime I can’t walk in. That is my buffer.

Nowadays there’s glovo, jumia, Uber eats and many other delivery people if you don’t have company order esp alcohol in. Because drunk driving is bad and also being vulnerable to rapist who can infect you with HIV and maybe you can not recall what happened. Protect yourself. Order your drinks drink until you black out but do so in the comfort and safety of your home. Usigonge au kuua mtu bcz you were DUI.Like the lady from CUEA.

Nobody rejoiced about this …this is news …You know what NEWS means , right ? :mad: @TrumanCapote

all my ladies can handle their alcohol i have taught them how to…

So why are you telling us,are we the drunk ladies or the watchmen,or are you one of them?noogle!

Wewe mama nyamazisha kimbembele …


Shiet uncle ya capote amechunishwa skuma na mileage ni 10 weeks nonstop. @Kimakia kazi kwako

Tunajua @TrumanCapote alirogwa , but subject matter ni sensitive , cheza chini …msimuingilie saaaaaaaannnnaaaaaa… mimi ni @admin nitawaweka siberia …

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Ladies just get someone to custom make for you a bar area in your home. Stock it with all your favorites. Invite friends over. Female Friends then you will never have to be in fear of being drugged and raped. Otherwise date the bartender then only sit at the counter. Ukitaka kwenda, he gives you a push to your car no need for watchies escorting you but if you regularly go to a place make friends with the owner and some staff, so you can be going there when the staff you know are on duty, they will look out for you and also avoid crowded places. The pricier an establishment the easier it is to build rapport with staff and owners bcz they’ll be fewer people and even fewer regulars.

As for men Pls know that you are the latest target ukienda kulewa pekee yako shauri yako. Kuna group hapa nje wako very starved for your boot. Boot ya mwanaume ndio wanasaka n it’s rare. So wewe endelea kukunywa pekee yako utajipata kwa grp for 2 good weeks. Chungeni. Ni kubaya hapa nje.