Nairobi by elections-Same Monkeys Different Forest

Of all people, UDF decided to nominate this woman for governor

There will by no by elekshen in Nairobi.
Take zis to equity.

I hope not Margret Wanjiru?This one is a chokora like Sonko who just happens to roots in the church

It is as if they want to fail and with a thud

margaret the bishop let people eat her money as she fails miserably

I think they know there’ll be no elections, that’s why they gave her otherwise they’ll have chosen a more appealing candidate that can be voted by the majority or someone who could have made Dennis waweru with the support of dynasties see dust

no byelection in the city, the deputy will take over. Raila ashaongea na bibi ya Amos Wako

Bad choice, but most politicians engage in voter marination.