Mungiki by any other name

Burden of proof is on you. Try something else !!

Mungich sympathisers are coming for you right now Georgina

They are business community, never had them ask me for food in streets.

It is business…only illegal.

shida iko wapi? ktalkers have been calling kiuks mungich even before these guys showed up

real NAIROBI BUSINESS COMMUNITY ni wale wasee wanachapanga siasa kutoka asubuhi wakiwa wamevaa suti pale nje ya city hall

Take your revelation back to your placenta party members.

So? Are we supposed to wring our hands in shame?

Business community wamesema Rwnbp

Wah…I have the full package. Shiny eye and the locks. Pia mimi ni mungich? :smiley:

[INDENT]Me thinks it was intimidation tactics by some jubilee fanatics. Mungiki was synonymous with Dreadlocked individuals, they are just using that narrative.[/INDENT]
It seems so scripted especially when they face mt. Kenya to pray.

Plus why would anyone want to be publicly associated with an outlawed sect.

Hii ilikuwa intimidatory tact if baboun unleashes his stone throwing goons, the writing is on the wall that Mungich did not die just silently around and he should not wake the sleeping dog.

If you also have a mdomo kauka then you’re a true mungich

Mdomo kauka ni gani?
Ile ya ndom ? :D:D:D

( I make sure I carry my lip balm everywhere)

On outlawed sect that is used when needed. You certainly haven’t heard any condemnation, have you?

My friend, let’s not be aloof, who condemns what in this country, who has condemned bodaboda guys burning houses and women beating in Kisumo. Let’s not be selective

mbisha…ya lips. [SIZE=2]any can do[/SIZE]

I hear the NBC can milk a lion while sitting on a porcupine … look, that is very true. they are very capable.
One thing I’m certain is, once the ‘NBC’ are done with the ‘business’ at hand, …after 26th Oct they’ll still need to be in ‘business’ ……. And because the contract for the ‘business at hand’ ends ‘soon’… … having been awaken from slumber, aided to regroup, and given the audacity to ‘operate’ ……. OPERATE they will in the best way they how……With no ‘business’ and financially starved they’ll retreat to their rural and continue with the business …in the backyard of their kins …… in the meantime let’s cheer them, lets finance them, let’s give them airplay, they are doing a good job.
Otherwise Avocado moja siku hizi ni pesa ngapi kwa soko ?

Mungich walinyoa dreadi hawavai ma18 my fren.