Nairobi Business Community FOOLS

[ATTACH=full]130282[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]130282[/ATTACH] Yesterday’s inferno was no lesson to you!

your point, idiot?

Why timber again?


life must go on

ulikuwa unataka watumie nini ,makende yako?

Fish market ni ya NBC

Why so interested with my makende… Am I really safe?

Was this the last fire accident on 'em… Are they sure it’s now solved? Wangetumia ata matope, hio hatuwezi shomaaa

i don’t know

They grabbed it from akina Otis or how did it land to them?

I really hate the setting at Gikomba… Whenever I approach a trader, then they utter their first word in okuyu, I always forget my reason there

That’s really illuminating.

ulipata mteja Wa Alcatel ?ama za kwenda gikomba unatoa wapi

Business community Hapana Tambua


I had thought the guy in the combat jacket wasn’t Kenyan.

Your question compels me to recall what a smart con you proved to be on that incident

Next time it’ll be a sure send-home