Naijas Refuse To Board KLM With Deportee To Lagos


Nigerians on a KLM flight from Amsterdam to Lagos stop deportation of a Nigerian held in handcuffs by Netherland immigration officials.
The plane could not take off as Nigerians insisted on the removal of the deportee. Only after KLM officials complied did the flight take off.

You can only understand if you have ever boarded a plane with a deportee crying his/her eyes out as if he/she is being sent to the gas chambers. The fat illiterate immigration officials normally behave in a v inhumane way.
Having said that…he will still be deported when it is convinient.

Loud mouth Nigerians. Idiots. Mwenye nguvu, mpishe.

Why don’t they use that same and collective vigor and obnoxiousness to fight for good governance in their own country?

It’s not a right for them to fly KLM nor transit through the Netherlands for them to inconvenience the other passengers on that flight. If that guy was being deported, best believe they had given him a chance at due process. They even do not have all the facts as passengers as to why he was being deported. He might have been a violent criminal or violated the laws of the host country.

Next, certain fights, especially na wazungu, hapana leta pupa. That guy that was being told to stop yelling and recording, best believe he has been blacklisted. Good luck to him trying to fly or transiting through Schiphol in the future.

Swankee…welcome me back! Naona bado uko ngangari!

Ghasia unekuwa wapi

Do they seriously believe the broda will not be deported?


Yule secret ‘air marshall’ alijifungia kwa choo. Nobody can silence OGA once he gets going. Good economic decision by KLM.

Now the Dutchies will have to charter another costly jet to deport the guy.

Na bado cop-out nambari moja.

They should ban those loud mouths from flying KLM due to the disruption. Uko kwa trump wangeona vumbi.

Abaafrika believe so. Haki yetu manenos.

:D:DVery nice.

KLM’s priority is to keep flying to Lagos, not deporting for the IND. Those of us who were alive when Ken Saro Wiwa died know why.

For the angry Naijjas, it is about human rights and deeper than you think.

Between you mild mannered Kenyans and brash Nigerians, who is doing better it in the diaspora. Sema ukweli.

these are usually fuckin idiots who spoil our reputation as ngozi ngumu ukipita schipol kama mkenya unamulikwa mbaya saidi

Naijas are so loud that they have made the rest of the world think that all Africans speak with that accent.

Reminds me of a time when a West African man in his 50’s aliletwa na maweider wawili kwa ndege na pingu. My guy, that flight is like 13 hours long na mapingu. Mjamaa aliletwa na nguo zake pekee. No bag, no documents, no nothing. Guy was talking to himselfu asking us to save him. Sisi waingine tukaambiwa we mind our own business, yaani, “face forward”, “don’t mind us” etc. In true Kenyan fashion, I thought of my children, my kibanda and minded my own business.

Deportation is a dehumanizing experience bana. Being frog matched na pingu na maweider kama mahabusu. I get why the Nigerians were miffed by this experience. Nobody opposes deportation. But the way they do it is rubbish.

The nigga will be in the next flight to Lagos.

Si poa nakunywa gibleys yangu hapo Manhattan , next najipata jkia bila viatu na hangover

I think they normally give them an opportunity to self deport by a certain date if they have no violent criminal record.

Most do not do it that’s when the authorities handcuff the ones that have not complied.

Define doing better in the diaspora.