Naija barber in the hood.

Wonders will never cease, katika pilka pilka zangu za kunukisha kitunguu nimejipata mathare area three doing some installation work… Now what caught my attention is the accent of a barber i passed through his kinyozi while asking for directions, now i though he was a Obinna or dr. Ofweneke wannabe just to be told later that the guy indeed is a naija man who shaves in that kibanda for the last 5years, i cant imagine this guy came all the way from naija to shave heads, ama he is a mwana mihadarati and is using hio kibanda as a guise for his pharma business?

its become a small world nowadays.

At one time I had a bunch of 5 Nigerian neighbours who used to co-habit in a 2 bedroom house. One ‘allegedly’ owned a trucking company in Lagos while in reality he did 411 scams and peddled drugs at Aqua with 3 others and the last was seeking a job as a waiter after a failed football career at a Mogadishu football club.

he’s no different from others who leave their countries to go to Europe kuosha vinyanye, or to Saudia to be domestic workers in squalor conditions.

The problems he might have left back home he’s the only one who knows. And he mihht might be happy and peace at heart being in a Nairobi slum than a slum of Lagos or Abuja.

Kizungu ime kata but i can relate bruh :D:D

Have Kenyans infiltrated Nigeria the way these guys have done here? TRM huwezi pita ndani bila kukutana nao


typo bro Txs:D:D:D

:D:D:D:D hio umbwa ofweneke huni bore sanaaa

west africans are just on another level. wamejaa kila mahali!

Naija and Congolese barbers have taken over all world capitals…Alafu pia they have diversified into salons specializing in dreadlocks. I must admit they are very resourceful in so many other ways esp kule majuu

Kuna mwingine hapo Bus Station anafanya kwa kibanda ya kuuza chakula.

Kenya must be paradise for these guys

Kuna jamaa hapa kenyatalk alisema akisafiri huwa hataki mambo ya west Africans, ati jamaa anaeza tu kukusalimia na kumbe ashakuwekea mihadarati. Lakini haiwezekani mtu alipie ndege all the way from huko akuje kuwa barber kwanza Mathare. So that kinyozi feeds him and still earns him enough to send back home? Ingekua some executive kinyozi huko leafy suburbs hivi ningeelewa. It must be a front for some other business.

Or may be he came hoping for something better then he got stuck with no other way to earn a living. It happens.

I think kuna wenye huja hapa kutafuta greener pastures only to lack hadi fare ya kurudi kwao. i’ve seen a chinese akichoma mahindi

Niaje msee wa TRM :D:D:D

hahaha fiti buda

What happen to that Chinese man? Bado anachoma mahindi or his was saved by his friends?

hawa watu wameacha mashida mob kwao. ukiona ako radhi kufanya kazi kama hiyo in a foreign country, jua amefika rock bottom, and you know a man’s got to do what he’s supposed to do to survive?

Most of the barber shop have Rwadies