Nafumilia kua mkenya

and i still hear people saying jap hadi 2032 by that time we will be worse than Zimbabwe


The strange thing is money is being recovered without anyone being found guilty of stealing it.

My children and my children’s children.
Tukiendelea hivi there will be no country to talk about

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The benchmark for theft in Uhuru’s government is a billion. In Moi’s time it was millions. Waiguru is strutting like a peacock with your children and children’s money. Yet it seems forgotten. Use that as a starting point.


until peasants start feeling the elite’s shaft up their throat then we might rethink our tribal alignment and worship of corruption culture.
the poor will cobtinue struggling whike the rich swim in money


a revolution is now more necessary than election, no matter the price, for every success there must be a sacrifice


If only the Kenyan youth knew how much power and influence they wield, the trajectory of this country would be totally different. Form a youth party, with its members as diverse and toanisha these wazees. It will make a difference. But where Kenya stands now, as painful as it is to say, meaningful change will only come with bloodshed. Trust me on that one.

Until we go china way sioni hii wizi ikiisha.No single person has been jailed with over 100birrion stolen!!! sadness of life in 254.Nipewe ata 100 mirrion yangu niendage maldives

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This is BS. PIC Members have realized a fertile ground to rise money for 2017 campaign. And life goes on.

She wants lighter duties by replacing kidero so that the gravy train keeps moving.

why would full days have 16 hours, 19 minutes 59 seconds.
You can clearly see mahali @spax alishukia


funny but sad

There’s one thing you guys who keep lamenting about voting in tribal pattern have in common… You have never realised how much money the so called governors have been shafting… Siendelei sana juu si mimi niliivote.

Wonder what @spear has to say about this



This has been going on for all time. The problem is that the thieves are using methods that have been used since independence and it is backfiring because people have grown very informed in the past five years #mobile #internet. In countries where people are too informed, people steal legally. Like I have a company that manufactures tanks, so I lobby and the government awards me #10 billion tender to make tanks with newer tech or newer armour for troops in wherever.

I havent done anything wrong, We havent inflated anything, but you have given me a 50 years worth of business in one month to create something we dont need. All we got to do is lobby and inundate the public with rationalization of why it should be done. We dont even have to sit down to conspire. every body knows his task and we all know where it is going.

Kijana. Never wish that. Tembea South Sudan ama Congo, you will never wish for a revolution even to your worst enemy.

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Problem with revolution is that it always loses objective and becomes tribal.

Nilisema jaluo moja ijichome hapo nje ya parliament revolution ianze mkasema hakuna volunteers.

Forgive my ignorance, lakini utalii college sio ya gov’t?