Nadia mukami has got matitis

[SIZE=1]digism afternoon[/SIZE]

So overall rating this chick is like a 6/10…but if there was a nyonyos category,i would rate them 9.5/10…ama namna gani?..


siwezi lipa more than thao

★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Ni fame to but hapa mbochi wa kwangu anamshinda kwa umbali sana

huyu dem hananga maringo like some basic IG hoes I know. Was quite surprised anapiga story kawa tu.

Na nyangau zingine za Kariobangi bado zinataka mtu anaendesha a 4x4 na accent ingine serious ya Muchatha

She wears 1 tonne of makeup not my type

Kako sawa…halafu kako na talent

Who is she?

The lady who was defiled by her uncle before committing suicide

She looked different in the video.

In that case, this is a local artiste in Kenya


I was too wondering where these boys are getting 6. Ile ushamba iko hii kijiji

Nimekuwa na yeye hapa nation center, sikujua ni midget

People look darker when dead.

Did she die?

Runyondo iko poa

You need to contribute comments of more substance. It seems as if you’re extremely shallow, every damn time