Nabii's Ugly Kelvin Kiptum House Taking Shape: Are Kenyan Home Contractors Bewitched?

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Nabii is one useless thug


haha. Inakaa warehouse. But haidhuru.

Another issue, Why the rush? Si wangetake time to build a stone house ama this is better?


Patience. Let us see the complete animal

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Looks great to me

I guess they want it finished for the burial. . Ni kama Kiptum hakuwa amejenga na in some communities mtu hagwesi zikwa ivyo tu…

What I don’t understand though whether the house is being done officially under the National Government and how that was procured so fast knowing the government bureaucracy…

Ama ni Nabii Ndio anaisponsor personally


That house will cost our government more than 20 million. Na ni nyumba ya makaratasi


Lakini wagale ni watu funny Sana , hizo Mita za mkimbizi alitumia kulewa Tu ? Angekua ashajenga hau msoori ya kutulia mbio zikiisha ooops he was 20 years old , very young

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Nabii is totally obsessed with houses and taxes


Anus licker, is the anus becoming bitter?


This nabii is obssessed na kutaka kila kitu instant kama glucose

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That house is portable. After mazishi inaanuliwa. PR tupu.


Mtulie finishing bado.


I see. Let’s wait.

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That house is not complete yet. Inspiring, but ukijaribu hio mchezo ya kujenga na mbao in hotter places mchwa zinasiaga hio keja yote in 3 weeks tops.

Hope they will give the widow a permanent and pensionable job so that she can look after the children and the elderly parents in law.
Hope too that his agent had life insurance cover which will boost the widow.
Huyo mama anakaa Very responsible.

Hiyo nyumba ibomolewe iuzwe scrap. Putting taxpayers money in useless pr. Hiyo doo ingetumika kuchimba borehole Turkana.

IMO, atafte bwana ingine wasukume maisha.

Kiptum’s Burial Date Brought Forward Over Ruto’s Namibia Trip

The burial of marathon record holder Kelvin Kiptum has been moved from Saturday, February 24, to Friday, February 23.

Explaining the move, a family spokesperson remarked that this was to align with President William Ruto’s calendar.

Kiptum’s family remarked that the President would be flying out to Namibia on Saturday although the information was not confirmed by State House.

“It will be a State function and the President will be in attendance. That is why the burial date has been moved,” she explained.

Construction works ongoing at Kelvin Kiptum’s home.

“The President will be available on Friday before flying out to Namibia.”

Namibia’s President Nangolo Mbumba had announced that his predecessor Hage Geingob would be laid to rest on February 24, following his death on February 4.

President William Ruto mourned the late Namibian president as a leader who believed in the unity of Africa and promoted the continent’s standing in the global arena.

He had also indicated that Kenya would mourn Geingob by flying flags at half-mast.

President William Ruto has also been dedicated from the onset to ensuring a perfect send-off for Kiptum who died in a road accident on Monday, February 12.

Ruto mourned Kiptum as an extraordinary sportsman who had left an indelible mark on the world.

“He was only 24 yet, as a hero, triumphed in Valencia, Chicago, London and in other top competitions. Kiptum was our future,” he eulogized moments after Kenya received news of the athlete’s untimely death.

He further fulfilled Kiptum’s last wish by ensuring a house was constructed for his family.

There’s a chemical retardant in wood you can use that keeps them away for 50 years.