Nabii Anacheza Chess Mkicheza Checkers

Nabii warned that everyone should sell dollars but nothing happened at the time. I think he was just trying to judge the atmosphere at the time so he could time when Kenya would buy back the Eurobond.

Akaamua to pull the trigger last week and now all of a sudden mnauza dollars like burukenges. Sisi watu wa dividends tumekaa tu apa tumetulia hatuna stress. Pesa ya dividends ni tamu sana. Just sit back, relax and wait for the cheque. Kazi yetu ni kungojea earnings call tu.

Alafu mnajua what happens, GOK domestic borrowing will go down, citizens domestic borrowing will shoot up, interest rates might come down Alafu millions of you will get loans from banks. You know what that means? Sisi watu wa dividends tutakuwa tu tunangojea kengele ya when to collect.

Everything else ni side shows.

#sellyourdollars is government sponsored :green_emoji: :green_emoji:ill stick to my dollars… mtafirwa in a few days mfirike… tuweke reminder. this is not normal
ndii is masturbating hard :green_emoji: :green_emoji:red flags everywhere

A wise person should be accumulating dollars cheaply


I wouldn’t bet against Nabii I mean we have now have the 2 billion dollars to repay the euro bond the next time the country is facing this kind of strain earliest is 2028 I guess will have to wait and see

Why are people shocked just because it’s the ksh? The BOJ did the same exact thing when the dollar hit 150 and their central bank governor said “no comment”

If it’s William Ruto forcing down the dollar to 150, then Let’s now wait till next week.

This is not going to be a long wait, is it?.. :grinning:

Hasora anajua kire anafanya

Who is BoJ?

Bank of Japan. The yen has also been taking a beating against the dollar. When it touched 150, I think. It dropped sharply in a matter of minutes and when their governor was asked if they intervened he simply said no comment

They always intervene. They always wanted it to be 100 sharp.

Japan is as off today the 4th largest economy (they just got edged out by Germany). If they intervene it is felt throughout. Hii “intervening” ya mtu yetu ni so that he can make road side declarations that he is improving the economy


Let it be returned where it was. It was 130 October 2023. What is the fuss if it reduces drastically yet still above 130? Tunachezwa tu.