Mzungu Simp Begs Wife to Not Leave her for Kenyan Man - Dr Phil

Wakisii bana:D Anyways ,the guy probably was just using her to get that greencard.Most Kenyan men aren’t usually attracted to mzungu women.(Rwandese,Kenyan and Ugandan women is where it’s at - Southern African as well).

This is like the white Maasai story. Some mzungu woman from Europe left her husband and kids for some maasai guy in Kenya. I’ve always found Interracial couples weird.

hio ni kisii imevaa suti ya jc penny? wachana na jamaa aomoke banae

[SIZE=1]mtu aniambie navaa akala na tshirt ya sengenge ni ngombe tupatane langata cemetary[/SIZE]

Ndio Nashangaa:D:D:D

What I find weird is that they’re all angry at the Kenyan instead of the wife.

Umesahau kofia ya ODM

Siwezimind kukula mzungu

Ng’ombe Wewe ,learn to love your own African women.

ni ju the wife ameshikwa na jungle fever.
ingekua ni kachali kamzungu kako kiambu ama botswana,hakungekua na noma hivi

White Americans wanakuanga racist sana.

Bantus we rule the world

Old video.

:D:D:D:D:D…Fear of JUNGLE FEVER + the old and true if your wife goes black she ain’t coming back ,is making white jungus very jittery and uncomfortable ,it brings nightmares that omuafrika can attack your wife and fuck her silly as you cry yourself silly

Not Yet ,but soon brother.Tumeanza tu.

Mzungus are cucks.Even the ones in Kenya who date girls half thir age. I knew a case of an old mzungu who was paying this university girls rent and school fees ,only to find she was being finywad by some Kenyan guy called Kamau in the house he rented for her.

The old man was heart broken. He discovered he was just a beta bucks.

If you date a woman who is 10+ years younger than you, there is a 90% chance that she is there for business only.

I once read a study that women typically like guys older than them but not by more than 10 years - typically 5 years.

Ikizidi kumi wewe ni sponsor kubali tuu and act accordingly.

Hiyo ya 5 years vs 10 years sijawahi skia.Umenipea pro tip.