Some researchers claim that Moses and the Israelites were on drugs during their legendary quest across the desert. According to Benny Shanon, an Israeli professor of cognitive philosophy at Hebrew University, this detail could explain the vision in which Moses received the Ten Commandments from God.
This theory may also explain that the “burning bush” in the bible is not a literal bush on fire, but a bush that creates a figurative fire in the mind. Shannon says that the components needed to make the psychedelic brew ayahuasca are native to the Sinai Peninsula, just as they are in the Amazon where the brew is more popular.
“As far as Moses on Mount Sinai is concerned, it was either a supernatural cosmic event, which I don’t believe, or a legend, which I don’t believe either, or finally, and this is very probable, an event that joined Moses and the people of Israel under the effects of narcotics,”Shannon told Israel Radio.

In The Book of Exodus, the encounter that Moses has with God is marked by thunder, lightning and blaring trumpets, which is similar to the visions described by people under the influence of psychedelics. In addition to the burning bush being a metaphor, Shannon says that it could have also been a literal hallucination.
“In advanced forms of ayahuasca inebriation. the seeing of light is accompanied by profound religious and spiritual feelings,” Shannon says.
Shannon has admitted that he is speaking from experience, as he tried ayahuasca at least once while traveling in the Amazon in 1991.
“Encountering the divine is one of the most powerful experiences associated with high-level Ayahuasca inebriation,” Shannon told the Guardian.

Very plausible. I once partook to one too many only to hear angels calling me with the walls in my room slowly carving in on me. Trumpets were blaring loudly as I confessed all my sins. I woke up the following day feeling as if nimepitiwa na lorry.

That explains the “40years of wandering in the desert” yet they has the guidance of God (bird’s eye view)


Did they ever reach their destination?. Apparently not, seeing how even today they are still trying to annex Palestinian lands.

But these people had the blessings of God in those days!