Mzee Ojwang was a drunkard & mtu Ma Sabina Joy

He used to drink silly and then pelekas his kipara to shag SJ whores Dry Fry hadi kwa mkia…prolly died from ukedi

Thank you for this good news.

Yr welcome Tall Boy

So? Tufanye nini?

By the way you and Alai make a perfect match. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are as old as him. Two old bitter men.

should be ;…Two old bitter gay men…of course they adore each other

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good for him…he lived his life the best way he knew how…

team mafisi well represented


Everyone has skeletons in the closet, however during Klist days I also read something like someone met him at SJ, never verified though

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Yes i too kumbuka sm1 saying so

[ATTACH=full]10575[/ATTACH] let the dead sleep well…usilete story za ufala za walio tuwacha, btw Alai ni kihii, u should not trust anything it says

Wot does the foreskin have to do with the truth?

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Your fascination about another man’s private parts is shocking…if you think you got an edge in life just because a part of your skin has been cut then here is the news flash: stupidity has edged on you!


As far as I know there’s is a bar in Sabina joy and there are many people who enjoy their drink there without necessarily being there to dryfry the pokos and ogling females has never been an offence anyway.


did i talk about dick??? Kihii its all about brain, how some one handles themselves its maturity, you dnt have to drop ua pants so we know u matured… cc @Hunter Xp


They definitely have a lot in common. wouldn’t be surprised if it was one and the same person.

This is low even for you…

Don’t speak ill of the dead. Where they are they will speak ill of you to God or the devil.

Fuckin pretenders here out to point fingers. Say he fucked if you have never fucked, say he was a drunk if you have never sipped coz it can kick in any time and finally be proud you are not a failure. Maybe he failed so you don’t have to.

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