Mzee Mchapa Kazi Tom Cruise

This guy is 60 years old but still at the top of his game buana. The First Top Gun film was released in 1986, the first Mission Impossible in 1996…both franchises are still going strong with Tom Cruise in charge. This man is dedicated to his craft. He goes out of his way to learn new skills for upcoming movies and perform stunts that the studios could easily subcontract to someone else. This is how I want to be at 60, living life to the fullest, not hobbling around while gobbling my arthritis medication. At this rate, Tom Cruise can realistically release big budget action films for another 10 years before age finally slows him down.

Hata Harrison Ford ako 80 years old na they just released the latest Indiana Jones movie. The first one was released in 1971 and Star Wars even before that. I haven’t watched it though so sijui performance yake iko aje at that age.

Labda ni vile the cult of scientology imemkinga kutoka anasa za drugs and women zenye zinamaliza celebrities wengine

Expensive stuff right there