Mzansi hawatambui Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dude was drop kicked by from behind while attending some sporting event in sandton…



He he he…

And I can count up to 5 very muscular bodyguards…wote wafutwe

Whats he shouting?

“Help me I need a Lamborghini”.
…I think he would have made a very good villain in the predator and total recall.

“help me, in need a lamborghini”

15 minutes of ‘infame’…

S.A huvuta some top of the shelf weed, a few years back a fan attacked Randy Orton (WWE) in the ring.

:D:D:D, Jamaa alichapa terminator. But he took it well for a 70 plus old man


I wish it was the queen.

wtf :D:D:D

The guy needs what? Warudishe tu apartheid roho safi…

:D:D:D:D Umefanya usingizi ikaisha!

You can think the most outrageous things about SA, and they’d be normal over there.

He told his friends at the mogoka base that he would be famous and they didn’t believe him.

bangi yao inaitwa nyaope it’s lethal stuff

And they still say Kenya is bad,how could that happen to him,anyway he was just an actor,the premonition mind is long gone