My wife

Married last month and i have to say am extremely pumped,happy and enjoying life to the fullest…my wife ananipenda saana and she always put my interests first.juzi nilimpa 5k ya saloon akarudisha 2k
My question why all these wife hating and scare mongering of marriage hapa ktalk…are these idiots really maried?

wewe ni mjinga umeoa last month na unakuja kutoa thesis achana na sisiselders we see the long game 7yrs+
what happens when she gets unattractive?
she will cheat if you loose interest in her? which will happen…
what if your kids are not yours?
is it okay to be used as a providing instrument for the next 70yrs?
you provide and protect but was she a virgin?
is her nagging worth it?
what if she turns on you with her kids?
if a divorce happens will you pay her upkeep and shes been banged by others out there?

nimechoka many others
marriage died in 1964 tulipopata independence

Si ukae angalao mwaka jameni


So when you used to date and you gave her 5k for Salon she never returned 2k ama hii ni arranged marrige ya kutafutiwa bibi na nyanyako?

Admin tunakujua…

MADNESS will kill you

NV Chieth uko sawa. Marriage is sweet. Marriage is like wine it gets better and better with age. Just keep your communication lines open.

Lazima traffic iongeezeke

A picture is worth a thousand words

@FieldMarshal CouchP here’s yet another idiot for you to block.

Hakuna hata mbicha ya marriage certificate ,dowry ceremony, wedding ring ,my fren?


Its against nature for a man not to marry.

and this dick is here shouting how he has a good wife. wen she will learn from fellow kunguru wacha ata change kurudisha hata slices utashare na mawatchie

Leta hekaya ya divorce yako nikama Kuna kitu unaficha.

NV ni ndoano unarushiwa, you swallowed it hook, liner and sinker. Now your balls/ball belong to her, akikohoa unaitika.

Get past the excitement phase then utuambie…some of us are not married but have been so battle hardened and adapted to functioning alone, we look at marriage like a balance sheet… liability inaweigh kilo ngapi na assets ziko nzito vipi… so far am seeing about 50% loss in my territorial authority and 100% elevation of expenses…looks like a lopsided deal…anyway enjoy ur show

Wacha motoo, tutangoja tuuu another 6 months ukunje hapa ukilia,

we are the only living creatures that agree to a lifetime of monogamy plus 10000 yrs ago humans dint marry we just had sex with any woman we saw, it was the choice of the male to provide for her marriage was instilled 5000yrs ago and it was polygamous, monogamy was made up 500 years ago and came to kenya 100 years ago… so my fren what nature are you talking about