My Weekend Experience

So last weekend,being just after payday.My workmates and I went out for some drinks.While at the bar i noticed this guy next to our table who was drinking strangely.
I noticed that one the waiter brought him a drink(read tusker) he would hold it and run his hand up nad down the bottle(see *wanking style),after expertly pouring out the contents onto his glass,he would take a sip then slosh it inside his mouth(see *like wine tasters do).Then we would slump back on his chair wearing a big Grin.
Honestly you would have thought that he was doing some advert for EABL or something,yaani he just seemed to enjoy his drink too much.
Have you ever come across such weird fellows?

Nope. … Team mafisi always stay focused on the mission.


Nope…but sommeliers come in all shapes and colors…


he must have had a loooong week.i can relate

Its not weird, i do that all the time


He must have really missed the drink sometimes kazi inaweza kua mob you dont drink for six weeks, that first bottle you treat it like a princes

Huyu mulunje ni sampuli ya gate crusher Trish alikuwa anasema.

So you were savouring those moments together?

Hahaha pole mistake there,was typing on my phone,i meant *he

Ni vile wines and spirits joints zimefungwa and the guy had just realized he was killing himself akikunyua ‘best’

hahaha. Kali sana.

Alikuwa ananuka CREED?

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Kama ni kali sana dunga boyz like asap. Hizi cheo hajizipandishi