My ultimate poison

People are addicted to cars because of different reasons. Brand, type ,models and so on. Then there is me. I will simply like a car depending on the engine it has under. My dream is slapping one of these under the hood of my car. Blown engines just excites me.

An engine for 1.2 million is a bit expensive

There’s a way you can actually boost a normal car engine. Buy and install a hydrogen bubbler. Ukipanda mlima or to gain more speed, you just flip a switch… Utaacha watu wanashangaa ni mafuta gani unatumia ama Gari yako iko na engine aina gani…

Yes it is but it will be worth every penny once i embark on that project. Do you know how blown engines sounds like…? Heaven on earth…and hio si kueka straight pipe exhaust or a muffler.

Where and how do you install that?

What kinda exhaust does it use?

Shida ya supercharger ni maji. If you are speeding through heavy rain and you spray a sheet of light flood water on that thing utalia machozi.

hehe.sikujua hapa.